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headphone repair & european equipment

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i have a 2 part question:
1) my beloved OLD sony v6 cans have developed a little creaking in one of the earcups. it seems to be coming from the hinge. i would just oil it, but it is plastic, and i do not want any oil dripping into the 'phone. any suggestions on what specifically i could use that wouldn't hurt the plastic or screw with the electronics if some seeped inside?
2) i'll be travelling to italy in the next few months (god willing) and was wondering what kind of audio equipment is available over there that i might not be able to get here (in th us). i am most excited about being able to buy europe-only sony gear.
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redshifter: I don't know if you can get that here, but at home in Germany we have a weapon oil called Ballistol, which is not acidic, completely natural and can be used for a lot of stuff - this works for plastic, too. And when you are in Italy, soon, you could probably get it there, too, if it's not available in the US...

Greetings from SF!

Manfred / Lini

P.S.: It's probably conductive, though, so be careful. But one little drop of this stuff should be enough, anyway.
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Lubricating plastic

I wouldn't use ordinary lubricating oil on plastic, there could be some reaction. You might try beeswax or silicone oil.
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thanks lini & dlorde. i think i have some silicon lube for my bike i can try. i guess i'll just have to see what's there re: sony electronics in italy. the stuff that's europe & japan only from sony make the us import stuff look like a joke.

thanks again.
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