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I'm going to be driving the k1000's from a Marantz 1030 amp. I also cannot afford a $400 - $800 amp. There was a class A marantz on ebay today for $450. It was 25wpc in class A, 150wpc in class B. it was beautiful! but i have to cool my jets for awhile.

keep an eye on the for-sale section, headwize, and ebay. sooner or later someone will be selling the RS2, in fact if you check right now... http://headwize2.powerpill.org/ubb/s...20021121210725 (too late).
see they do pop up everyonce in a while.

so tell us about the trip. what did they sound like to you? tell us your impressions. what type of equipment were they hooked up to? what kind of music do you feel is best for them? etc.

nana, can't afford it? just sell 5 of your headphones and you're 75% there.
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well, i feel like procrastinating from doing my grad school apps, so ill post what i can...we may have to consult Kevin more about his great sounding rig.

a major caveat: my reviewing skills are nill. that, and i cant remember fine details since im stressed out of my mind. that being said...on with the show, err impressions.

Source: Sony E555ES (or somesuch) SACD player.

Music: mostly remastered Jimi Hendrix Electric Ladyland. also Rolling stones Beggar's Banquet. both sounded splendid. when using my travel rig (dinky sony EJ525 PCDP and my JMT META) to test out the Beyers and AT100ti, i was listening to a poorly recorded Manu Chau CD...so I'm sure that colored my experience with those.

Amps: my JMT META42, maxed out. Total Airhead. Headroom Supreme. Norh Tube amp, dont know specifics, but it was GORGEOUS.

Starting with the least expensive: the Sony V6
These were fun phones. I didnt know what to expect, really. they did not blow me away, but I was surprised how good they could sound for Sony headphones (3000, and other greats excluded). Tons of bass, decent mids. Not that refined from what I remember, but they were "fun." Can't remember which amps I used to try them out, but I'm guessing just the Total Airhead.

Beyer DT831
now THAT's a headphone. the bass seemed almost absent at first, following the V-6. but the detail, ooooooooooooh the detail. I am borrowing these phones right now, and will most likely end up with a pair for work. I tried them with my META, with the Supreme....cant recall if with the Norh or not. Very nice mids and highs. reminded me of my Etys. They did really benefit from a more powerfull amp. Forgive my lack of description. I will continue to listen to them and post more impressions. just a note: i did NOT find them too bright, and their bass, while not slamming, was refined and mellow/recessed...cant think of the word... but that is more my type anyway.

ATH A100ti
SINFUL headphones. man, i had been waiting SO long to hear those phones, and it was sheer luck that they arrived the same morning I went to audition Kevin's great collection. Nice highs, good midrange, which some have said is lacking, but I didnt think so. however, im such a tyro at this, i think I need a few more listens to say whether or not mids are sufficient. their weakness: TOO much bass, IMO. I dont remember if it was muddy, or just if the phone was too colored by over emphasizing the low end. I like to call them sinful, since they probably have too much bass for the Jimi recording i was listening to, but they were fun! I tried these with the META, Supreme, and Norh. they would do well with hip-hop, electronica, and times when some added bass is preferred. I did indeed like their highs and mids, the bass detracted from their overall performance tho. I wonder how they compare to the DT770s?

I did not get to try the Grado Sr-325. However i can stop by a local shop to test those out.

New Love: Grado RS-1
again, im still new at this. i dont have the jargon to express things like detail, soundstage, or anything remotely expert like the masters like kelly, kerelybronto, et al...

so i will say that i LOVED these phones. everything seemed balanced to my ears. I feel like i was absorbed by the music, and just melted away. i hate to say the word perfect...but everything about them rubbed me the right way. they were warm and soothing. very detailed, as one could clearly hear the pic striking guitar strings, etc. excellent and fitting amount of bass. very lush, but not at all overpowering. these sound GREAT on my meta, and simply amazing on the Norh. I WILL own a pair, because I am in love.

the Naughty Mistress: AKG K1000
I wish i had bought one when they went on sale. anyone know if Headfiers still get a discounted price? or is that long over.

i knew these were going to be very cool. what i loved most about them was that unlike any headphone i could imagine, the k1000s didnt seem like headphones at all. it felt like i was listening to music out of speakers, and like the RS-1s, that I was onstage with the performer, and not listening to a recording. These did blow me away. i wish i had written my impressions down earlier, since its faded now...so I will just have to try them out again

Last, Senn HD600
well, i was running out of time, and only gave these a quick quick listening to. plus, they followed the K1000s, which really wasnt fair to them. needless to say, i was NOT wowed by them, despite the Cardas cable replacement. i cannot make an assessment of these headphones because i didnt really give them a chance. they will get another chance i hope.

im sure that i will remember soon, and i will post as i can.

in terms of the elusive perfect work phone, i am awaiting more news and reviews on the A1000s and W1000s. Lou's impressions on the A1000 sound very favorable, but im partial to the woody, so we will see.

I may end up selling my first born for a RS1 however, and settle with some 831s for work, and ditch the idea of ATs altogether.

god, how can i babble on without actually saying anything!!
again, endless thanks to Kevin for being a fabulous host, and for blessing/cursing my ears with the K1000s and RS-1.

feel free to ask me questions, itll come back to me with time.
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glad to hear you had a great time.

how were the highs on the nOrh/k1000 combo? i ask, because there's some music that doesn't sound very well on the k1000. Acoustic guitars and strings sound awesome. but sometimes horns sound a little too shrill. and they are brutal on poorly recorded cd's. when i auditioned them at Greg's house, my first impression was, "oh, God. oh, God. oh, God". I was listening to the Hollies' "Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress". i was blown away. actual tears came to my eyes. i was in love. and my love will be getting to me sometime this week. did you try the k1000's out of a regular integrated amp? (Greg had a Harmon Kardon that i plugged the k1000's into the 1/4" plug! sounded nice. did you try it with a sub woofer? i want to try it with regular woofers, i just want to throw in a 6 - 10 mH coil instead or perhaps design an 18dB/octave crossover to drive them, and cross it over at about 75Hz. a good 12" dual voice coil woofer in a 2 cubic foot enclosure. my mouth is starting to water. drool. or two 12" woofers in a 1 cubic foot enclosure (isobaric) @ 18dB/octave. i think i may go into business - the k1000 subwoofer business. the amp will only need to output about 20 watts since they'll be run at low volume. heck, we can probably get 8" woofers.... or four 12's in a tube config... drool... heck, just make the crossover and hook up regular speakers. then match volume levels though a bi-amp. woody time!

good review on the A100Ti's. do you think that stuffing cotton batting in the enclosure will cure the bass boominess? it'll probably change it to tight, impactful bass. i got my loose weaved cotton batting at a fabric store. 1/4" x 1 square yard - $0.96.

dt831's - awesome ain't they? to me they sound "sweet & smooth". to me, they sound like they have a transmission speaker type of bass. i've always wondered what removing some cotton batting would do. maybe the people who say that they sound bright are used to dark phones instead of neutral. my first impression of them was that they had a "weird" bass. but i didn't dismiss them outright (like I did the V6's). to me they're the 'upper cut' of bass, instead of a "jab" or a 'haymaker'.
after 1 cd i was acclimated to them. the v6's never made it past 1 song. (i ripped them off my head after about 10 seconds. and after listening to the dt831's for an hour and going to my grado sr80's, i ripped the grados off my head after 2.1 seconds. i was in utter pain.)

next time write those impressions as you go and why didn't you take 5 of your favourite cds with you?
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I have to mention something on the DT831s. They get thin in the bass if I leave them laying around too long. Very odd effect that I have not noticed on other cans. After playing for a while the bass sneaks back in. It also took quite a while to get them broken in when they were new. I use them for movies lately, so that tends to keep them loosened up. If you are auditioning a set, play them for a while at normal levels before putting them on.

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well, greg and walli, i think we are they only ones participating in this discussion...

tomorrow starts my intimate time with the 831s, ie its back to work for me. i will take notes in Word to record my impressions as they come to me wallijonn, there were too many toys in front of me at Kevin's to bother to take notes. i was overwhelmed with all the choices and just wanted to try everything. as to why i didnt use my stock 5 cds...i didnt want to go back out to my car. poor excuse, but i was also needing some variety...oh well.

greg, ill see how i find the bass, whether it grows stronger over the course of the week with increased use.

im feeling like i am out of options for Closed headphones, like i'm stuck with only the DT831s to choose from. it sounds like the 770s are bass heavy. the AT 100tis were fun, but for that price, i think i'll wait for more A1000 impressions.

there must be more available than this?
sony 3000? i need to research those, but theyre close to $400...

anyway, i hope more ppl can join the thread and toss in ideas.
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