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Difference between sr-125 and sr-225

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Thought I'd start filling this folder with life again.

So, what are the physical differences betwen these phones?

Grado says 'improved air flow'. Well they look almost identical to
me. Are there any obvious differences (besides the button and
closer driver matching) ?


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Check the grill. I think the 125 have the round holes like the SR-80, while the 225 have the wire mesh like the 325. Just speculation though.
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yeah, the 225's are supposed to have metal grilles like the higher models. there are some with the plastic-with-holes grilles tho, old models maybe (like black 325's)?. I think it just looks better with the metal grilles, removing the button would seem to improve the airflow a lot as well, but people who tried didn't hear a difference (let alone improvement).

at some point in the line Grado starts treating the diaphragms as well. not sure if it was the 125 or the 225.
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225s have the wire mesh rear screen and their drivers are matched to closer tolerances.
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Beagle is correct in the two main differences.


I would immediately put modified comfy pads on and apply padding to underside of headband, this drastically improves comfort level. I can tell you subjectively the SR225 has best price/performance ratio of any Grado IMO. I own the RS2 also,
and it is preferable overall to SR225 but nowhere near the
2.5X price difference.

You can buy new SR225 for $160 or less.
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DarkAngel, which other Grados have you listened to, and how do you compare the Grado and Senn sound?
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I think I can second DarkAngel's opinion. Actually, I liked the sound of the SR225 better than the sound of the RS1, which seemed too warm in the bass department to me... (So why did I buy the SR80, nevertheless? Simple because I didn't want to spend too much money and wanted to bring a phone back to Germany that many here have, too, in order to have another reference point. In addition, I wanted a better headphone for my new Expanium 201 mp3/cd-player - and this combo works fairly well... )

Greetings from SF!

Manfred / lini
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My Grado experience is with RS2 and SR225, have not heard SR325.

Hard to make gross generalizations but Senn HD600/580 has a more relaxed sound, delicate airy detail, silky smooth treble.
The SR Grados have a leaner more up-front sound, highly detailed, sound more aggressive. The Grado RS series strikes the middle ground between Grado SR series and Senn HD600/580.

Of course it all depends on which CDP and headphone amp they are used, as these also can change sound produced.
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I have not heard the RS1 but I like the RS2, except for the price. The SR225 are way too peaky in the treble for me; I think they are the worst sounding Grado made except for maybe the SR40. The SR80 is much better balanced sounding, much closer to the RS2 than the 225 or even the 325 and 125. I borrowed some 225s for about a week and couldn't stand to listen to them, I much preferred the SR60. I later bought the SR80 and feel this is Grado's best sounding headphone under the RS2's price.

Grado's descriptions of the physical differences in their headphones give you no clue about how each model sounds, so I would advice people to ignore these and just listen to them.

I do agree with DarkAngel's description of the Grados vs the Senn HD600/580, given that you have a headphone amp for the Sennheisers.
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...to reply to your original post:

The difference, to me, was that the 225s "sorted out" the bass, meaning it wasn't so mushed in with the mids. That's how I described it then. Now, I would say that to me there was more separation between individual instruments, especially bassier and mid-rangey ones. The highs seemed a bit more refined, as well, though some will tell you that these have the most exaggerated upper-highs of the Grado bunch, which I wouldn't particularly take issue with knowing what I know now.

Bottom line: I had them and didn't get upgrado fever until I had all of the extra money (in my hand) for my RS-1s. They were very satisfying to me, especially un-amped (used them with an RA-1...it was just too much. Everything that was exaggerated was even more so and the amp didn't make the tons of difference I thought it would). If you can't get an amp, these are a damned good choice.

- Matt
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well, I like their sound too.
I was just asking 'cause I don't wanna be ripped off by somebody who sells 125s with 225-buttons.

Is it possible that there are different versions of the 225s out there (with different grills) ?
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Originally posted by Redwoood
well, I like their sound too.
I was just asking 'cause I don't wanna be ripped off by somebody who sells 125s with 225-buttons.

Is it possible that there are different versions of the 225s out there (with different grills) ?

LOL I was thinking of the same thinkg you were
Cheers to you Redwoood
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...I see.

-- MMaatttt
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I'll tell you this about closer driver matching: It helps a lot.

When I went from my 60s back to my 325s when they came back from Grado's repair shop, I immediatly noticed how much smoother the imaging felt. Okay, I'm not 100% sure it was the driver matching that did that, but it seems to be the only thing that would. Because sure they sound better, but they also sound more even.

I've only tried the 60s and 325s, but to me the 325s are perfect. I see abselutely no reason to upgrado. Someday I might out of curiosity, but that will be the day when I've got enough money that I could find $700 in my couch cushions.
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Ok, here's what Grado labs has to say about this:


The SR225 comes with metal screens. There was a two week period when we ran
out of metal screens, during this time we substituted the plastic screen but
we also replaced the SR225 driver with the driver used in the SR325. Which
made that particular version of the SR225 slightly better then the stock

If you have an opportunity to buy a SR225 with plastic grill we suggest you
do. If you have a SR225 with a plastic grill and this bothers you may return
it and we will be happy to replace it.
Very interesting. I didn't know there was a difference between
the drivers of 225 and 325...


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