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I'm not shure whether I by a MS-1 of the original SR60i / SR80i from Grado. Mainly because I like a warm sound more then a analytical sound, and I think the MS-1 is too analytical for me.
Is there anyone nearby Amersfoort, the Netherlands where I can listen to the MS-1?
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As far as I know, Alessandros are warmer than Grados...
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Got a pair of MS1s a week ago, and I have to say, I'm in love. Compared to the not-so-hot 'phones I had been using, these are a fantastic breath of fresh air. And the more I listen, the better they get!

One quick question: How do quarter-modded comfies compare to bowls? I've been considering purchasing a set of bowls to at least try them out but I'd like some feedback first.
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Better sound, but less comfort. It's worth the pain.
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Any news on MS-1i, or smth else?
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Just purchased a used MS-1, they were pretty good w/ Comfies, switched to quarter modded HD414 and..the sound became muddier. Planning on transforming them into MS-1000s, but still waiting for distancers, in the mean time, for fun, i used my AKG K501 pads and taped them onto the MS-1 housing - bare, no other pads on, and the distance improves soundstage and improvement quite a bit! Granted, it looks ridiculously ghetto with scotch tape and all, but I imagine the Liberators + Jumbo pads will further improve this.

Overall, from what I remember of my SR-125, these seem to be on par if not better. However, I'm beginning to suspect that like most Grado phones, the right pads determine everything. They are definitely warm phones and are not bass anemic by any means, they do not extend that low, but they are impactful none the less. Vocals are pronounced, however, for my taste, not as forward as I'd like them to be (especially female vocals). I've been driving them w/o an amp via my Sansa Clip and Valab DAC. I do find their sound fatiguing..there's just something about Grados that finds a way to pierce your eardrums.

I imagine the distancer mod w/ felt should tame these highs.

Definitely glad I got a chance to hear this. For their retail price, it doesn't make sense to get either the SR225 or SR125 IMO, as the MS-1 is definitely on par with these phones IMO.

Waiting for my Caliente to get here so I can see how good these things sound amp'd.
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If you really like forward mids, I'm not totally sure if the MS1K mod is for you. You get an extra deep bass layer and that famous soundstage, but in repect of the mids, the sonic balance is a bit shifted away from the forward Grado/AT corner, in favor of the more cultivated the AGK/Beyer presentation.
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Originally Posted by nickchen View Post
the sonic balance is a bit shifted away from the forward Grado/AT corner, in favor of the more cultivated the AGK/Beyer presentation.
Hmmm... this helps! How is the sound of Sennheiser compared to the MS-1?
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Originally Posted by musicfreak View Post
Hmmm... this helps! How is the sound of Sennheiser compared to the MS-1?
I haven't tried any full size Senn phones over $100, but most of the ones there and below are fairly laid back, can be a bit bloated in the bass and soft in the highs. As my ear has adjusted to my newish SR80, and as it has burned in, the initial "in-your-face" quality has softened a bit, and the details are now more noticeable.

You may have to get fairly far up the Senn line to compete with the crispness and clarity of the mid-level Grado / MS1 phones.
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Interesting! Still going to try the MS1K, I definitely have a preference to a wider soundstage

Oh, and is there any comparisons with the MS-1 with HF-1? I know TTVJ stated that the HF-1 were based on the 225, but with "more." Any thoughts?
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Love my ms-1 and ipod combo with some BJM or The Fall while cooking
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I've been an avid follower of Head-Fi for a long time, reading what seemed like every thread, but only once I got my new pair of MS1's a few weeks ago did I finally join. I guess they make me feel like a real member! I upgraded from my HD280 Pros, and while the jump in SQ hasn't felt huge thus far, I definitely notice the subtle improvements in the overall character of the sound. Overall, I am really happy, especially since I expect them to only get better with time and additional mods.

I have been burning them in fairly routinely, random music during the day while I'm gone and pink noise while I sleep (music would be too distracting). I have noticed them opening up and the bass getting especially tighter. I look forward to adding some reversed quarter-modded 414 pads which should be coming in a few days!

Funny story, I was so impatient and eager to get the headphones that I accidentally won two auctions on Ebay! Has this ever happened to anyone?
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I have had a pair of MS-1 with reverse 414 pads for a few years now and I think if I live to be 100 I'll still be excitedly reaching for them. They are my trusty, low maintenance, totally rocking, bright yellow music friends.
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Well I have these cans for about two weeks now and I love.
But because my source is an ob sound card it's not what I expected it would be.
I plugged my MS1s to my iPod and put on Led Zeppelin's "Your Time Is Gonna Come" and had myself an ear-gasm :O
I really want to stop being a modding-virgin and do a little mod. I'm thinking of buying the HD414 and quarter modding them. I also want to buy a DT770 headband for maximum comfort.
By the way, if I want to re-cable them because the stock cable is very stiff and I want a more flexible cable, do you have any suggestions?
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Double post, I want to kill myself
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