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Duh....can't believe I didn't think of this before.

Logs show shinew visited Head-Fi on 09-22-01, but he hasn't posted since 09-05-01. Of course, this could mean that someone used his computer and visited Head-Fi, but what are the odds of two Head-Fi'ers at the same address?

EDIT: hsnam hasn't visited since July, so don't hold your breath. I think it's time I e-mail some of these guys. Let me check the others.

EDIT: Last visit from jamesp was 09-07-01. Albau hasn't visited since 08-10-01. OneMalt posted on 09-16-01, so he's accounted for.
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I was attempting to determine the MIAs by doing a search of posts for that user name.It is entirely possible that they have just moved on,found other things to do with their time than post here,but I for one would still sit far more easy knowing those that I have shared great discourse/arguments/jokes/tears are well.I am the type that worries for others far more than I worry about my own person,but then I am "Superick" so it is moot.
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Thanks for the great idea, Jude. I haven't got much time for the forum, but once a while.
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