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NY Member Checklist

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These are all the members I have registered anywhere in New York (I guess I should add New Jersey too) based on the location field of their profile:

ajm07*Queens, NY USA


ByteSchlepper*Geneseo, NY


hsnam*New York, NY

ACCOUNTED FOR -- huy_ha*Brooklyn, NY

jamesp*Buffalo, NY

ACCOUNTED FOR -- joelongwood*Wading River, Long Island, NY

ACCOUNTED FOR -- livingplasma*Woodhaven, NY

ACCOUNTED FOR -- OneMalt*Buffalo, NY


ACCOUNTED FOR (AND FEELING LOVED) -- Possum*Murray Hill, NJ (home); Ithaca, NY (school)


ACCOUNTED FOR -- sonyearphones*NYC



ACCOUNTED FOR -- actimation* Brooklyn, New York

AtEase*Long Island, New York
Cocchini*New York City

ACCOUNTED FOR -- MikeR17*Upstate New York

ACCOUNTED FOR -- Videoshielded DC Metro



Now I'm sure anyone anywhere near ground zero has a lot more on their mind than the headphone forums. But Hamsta came up with this idea, and I thought it a good one. It's sorta hard to keep track of those who have already come by the forums, so if someone on this list has made their whereabouts known already, point it out.
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I feel so loved now, even though I'm quite far from NYC. Thanks for caring though.

Back at home, my brother can't get back to his apartment in Hoboken, which is directly across the Hudson from Manhattan, since the roads in NJ in that area are blocked, according to the police. He's just staying at home-home with my parents, 30 minutes west of NYC.
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i saw livingplasma post in the other thread so i suppose he's accounted for. and i saw sonyearphones on my buddylist today too, so i suppose he's alright as well. and of course i'm ok (though my location in my profile says large apple)
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I have received PMs from joelongwood. He is fine. His son also lives 8 blocks from the towers, but thankfully he is fine too.
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My heart goes out to all of those currently in the the US. I had some relatives in NYC but fortunately none of them were hurt.

Hope things lighten up.

In Sydney there was a huge black cloud, it hailed then there was heavy rain... Not a good day for anyone...
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God I hope shinew is OK,it was his birthday yesterday
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This list was very thoughtful, I was fortunate enough to be a safe distance from the explosions when they happened. Luckily, all of my friends who were in the buildings escaped uninjured. I live downtown, in what is now a demilitarized zone, which is at once both comforting and disturbing.

My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by this situation.
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Re: safe

Originally posted by ponzio
This list was very thoughtful...
I thought the idea was a thoughtful one too, and I thank Hamsta for suggesting it.

Glad you and yours are okay, ponzio.
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Can you send a e-mail to all our New York Headphiles to ask them to drop on by and at least say "I'm ok". Or not even that, if they respond, then you update the list here.
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Thanks Jude for starting this thread. I'm fine and live very away from the NYC, but thank you again. School was very strange yesterday when we all found out. My thoughts go out to everyone who was in that building or anyone who has lost loved ones because of this catastrophic event.
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has this list been updated ? Seems to be some MIAs still
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Thanks to everyone for their concern. Fortunately for me, I was away from the city at the time of the explosions. Most of my familiy and friends in the area are fine. Best wishes and hopes goes out to everyone dealing with this tragedy.

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Sorry, haven't been to the forums recently, but figured I would still post this. Thanks all for your concern.

Family and friends OK !

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I think dgs posted something on september 21, so he's also safe

and a search told me videoshield also posts since those events

So there are still 10 headfizer's missing...scaring!
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well not to be picky but seems two of the"old crew" have not checked in yet : Hsnam,Shinew

Where you at guys,we worry man
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