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Good sounding, durable, portable headphone?

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All righty, I am looking for something that is powered pretty well by a portable Minidisc player (Sharp MT770 if it matters) to fairly loud volumes (once in a while, I just like loud), has great sound overall sound with a little extra bass (think Koss Portapros), is actually portable in size and weight (folding is nice, but if overall size is small enough not necessary. i'd like to avoid something the size of the Sennheiser HD2#2/HD4#7 unless it folds up nicely), and is durable, and preferably does not leak a lot of sound (the Portapros are not bad, the Grados at SR60 and above are out of the question, though I will entertain both open and closed suggestions), and while completely circumaural is fine, not if it envelopes half the side of my head (for size purposes, V700DJ would do while the V900 would not), and comfortable too.

My bad experiences: Koss PortaPros, KSC50 and KSC55s, with my love for a little extra bass and higher volume, after about a weeks worth of listening, develop a really annoying rattle in one of the ears. Noticeable when there's a bass beat. Damn annoying there, so durable driver units at loud volumes is a good thing.
Broken cords: My Sennheiser HD212s and my Koss PortaPros both have broken cords. My Senns broke at one of the ear cups, my PPs at the connector. Luck would have it, both with the left ear. Something half as durable as my Grado SR80 cord will do
Broken head bands: My Sony V300s (I was young...I'm sorry! ) got really close to breaking. I'd like to avoid that. My Senns had a nice band, though it didn't fold.
What I consider comfortable: Koss PortaPros, yes. KSC50s/55s, no. Senn HD212s, yes. Sony V300, maybe. Sony D22s/Panasonic HPC850 (same form factor, different sound), no, not in the long run. Uncomfortable ear cups on both (to me), uncomfortable head band on the latter.
Ah yes, the real kicker is I'd like to stay in the $50 to $60 range. I'm pretty sure at this point that I need to be more kind to my phones, but I'm just too unintentionally careless at times (throws backpack around containting $200 MD recorder and $50 headphones next to big thick heavy books without thinking kinda thing). So, while my range might be $50 to $60, I'll entertain ideas for headphones beyond that price range, so feel free to make them.

Thanks in advance.

Oh, if you think I'm crazy and looking for something that doesn't exist, feel free to chime that in too.

For reference to loud and driven well by portable: My Portapros/KSC50/KSC55 get just as loud as what I'm looking for and the sound doesn't really deteriorate as the volume increases. My Sennheiser HD212s started to lose a bit in the bass as the volume increased and I found they need more power to not lose that oomph, though that was with my Sony portable CD player, not my Sharp, which came after the coma of my Senns (I'm thinking of getting a replacement cable, so they're not officially dead).
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perhaps ? http://www.headphone.com/layout.php?...tID=0020130030
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HI: If you want small and great sound I would suggest the koss-35. They sound like the portapro with a little less bass and I find them to be very durable. They go on your ear and are very light weight. They sound much bigger than they really are and you can put them anywhere in your pack or even your pockets.
I cut small round holes in the pads to free the mids and the highs and tame the bass.
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I have trouble trusting anything made by Koss right now, and even if I did, I doubt I'd be able to find the KSC35s at this point.
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Sennheiser PX100 maybe?
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I'm thinking the PX200 cause I think closed headphones would suit me better, but i dunno
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I'd be interested in hearing a comparison of the sound of the HD212 and the PX200.

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HI: The PX200 ant for sale yet in the USA. Does somebody know where we can get a pair of them?
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Yea... where can one get any of these?
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I have the same MD recorder and I can tell you that the Sony MDR-V6/7506 works a treat with it. I use either that or the MDR-7509.
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