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Originally Posted by ijrussell View Post
What a fantastic attitude! Just because someone hasn't been a member for long/made many posts and wishes to comment on a piece of equipment that they own and enjoy doesn't make their views 'sus'.

I was in the process of writing a six month review of the RD-2 but I really can't be bothered now.

Thanks for making this such a welcoming forum.

I would very much like to read your review on the RD-2. I had never heard of it till I read this thread and it looks like it may be a great DAC!
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I have the DAC for about 2 weaks now. The only things i can compare it to is E-MU0404USB and a oldish 800 (deutche marks) Sony CDP - these being my only up to now references. So compared with 0404USB is almost nothing to compare. I mean the DAC is obviously more transparent, has a natural sound, produces a better overall imaging and the instruments in classical are better separated and with more sound texture. As for the CDP, i rekon that the DAC is about a class over it. Well....that's it...still trying to improve my reviewing skills:P
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Excellent! I'm seriously considering acquiring this piece of equipment soon. It might reside in a cardboard box laminated with aluminum tape for a while though, as it is as bit out of my budget. I already have it ready.
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Sounds like a good DAC. I can't wait to hear mine. I, too will report.
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It's been quite a while since the last post. Any news?
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Come to think of it, I haven't yet received mine. I read that they're made one at a time by one person, so I'm practicing patience. But, it has been a while.
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So, the reports of several month waits are confirmed. The maker really should find someone to outsource to.
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Received two weeks ago..

Got mine about two weeks ago after several months wait (ordered on 25/05/07).

Still buring in so won't comment on the sound quality. The lead is not removable in mine.

Front panel is marked as "AD LABS", not Rockna.

Will take some pics and post them later.
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RD-2 Pics

Click on pics to enlarge!!
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i'm interested

but the wait time is putting me off

do you pay up front or when the DAC is shipped? (like xin)
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Rockna RD-2 Review

Having had the RD-2 DAC in my system for quite a few months now, I still have no regrets about buying it and it was well worth the wait.

The serial number on mine is 126 meaning it was the last of the MK1 RD-2 version (online is a picture of the new silver mk2 with serial number 127). Just my luck!!

I am not good at reviews though will have a try.

My sound system is computer based. The RD-2 DAC is fed via a USB transport (Trends Audio UD-10.1). From the UD-10.1, the spdif signal is fed via digital cable to the coax input of the RD-2 DAC. The analogue signal from the DAC is then fed via some reasonably nice Siver Arrow interconnects into my Triad Audio Lisa3 XP headphone amp (to Sennheiser HD650 cans).

The RD-2 appears to be reasonably neutral in its musical approach. No particular frequency is emphasised ahead of the others. On the other hand, it does not sound in any way recessed. In general a nice neutral balance is struck.

Due to the RD-2 being neutral sounding, it does not give the false illusion of detail that some DACS (my old MW Signature Perpetual Technologies P3a for example) give by pushing the upper mid & treble forward artificially.
Having said that, the RD-2 does offer a very detailed musical presentation (as good as any DAC I've heard).

Stereo imaging is very good (bearing in mind my system is headphone based).

Build quality is very good for the price. I did however have the problem of not being able to properly insert a Sound Professionals optical glass cable into the RD-2's optical input due to the hole arround the input being too small.

The RD-2 has proved to be reliable and has had no problems.

One warning, if you are curious enough to want to open it up to look inside, DO NOT UNDO THE SCREWS AT THE SIDES OF THE CASE. These screws attach to several small nylon brackets internally that act to keep the circuit in place. Being a lidless case, all interal parts have to be removed to get these brackets back in. Even then, due to limited space inside the tubular case, these little brackets proved to be absolute swines to get back in place. Took me hours with a pair of needle nosed pliers!!

If you do wish to remove the internals, you don't need to undo these side screws!!

Internally there is not much to see of interest.

At the very front there is a small circuit housing the input switch and row of front LEDS. Behind this, screwed to the base is a small, high quality toroidal transformer. Above and behind the transformer is the suprisingly small main dac circuit. This is exactly as appears in the Rockna website. Soldering and internal work all appears to have been done to a neat and professional standard.

Overall I would highly recomend this DAC, especially at the price. I was after an upsampling DAC so in this price range, there really were not too many options available (maybe a few flakey chinese ones) especially with discrete output.

In case anyone is wondering, no I don't work for Rockna (I'm living in Malvern, England not Romania).

Would be good to hear anyone elses views / experience of this DAC.
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Originally Posted by ijrussell View Post
Have you received yours yet? I ordered one at the end of September and paid via PayPal having seen this thread and it still hasn't arrived. I send emails every 2-3 weeks and have been given every excuse under the sun from upgrades to the OS to moving premises for the failure to deliver. I am beginning to think that that this is just a scam.
That's a long time ago that you ordered. What OS???
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Rockna DAC has arrived!!!

It was a long wait but my Rockna RD-2 arrived, during our community's outage.

I warmed mine up and played with it. I am instantly convinced. I personally don't care for instant reviews because too often, the reviewer has insufficient time and experience to evaluate the sound. I can say I've been using N.O.S. DAC's lately and, although I'm still satisfied with the various units' sound, the Rockna instantly seemed to have an extra degree of warmth, soundstage width and reverb of the original recording that I'd instantly recommend it to anyone. In particular I heard a solo guitar disc, Gerald Garcia's Celtic Airs (naxos 8.553419) and I heard some natural string flanging, which I'd never before heard, an excellent sign of the Rockna's extraction ability. I will report more when I've lived with it longer.

Has anyone heard the RD-3? I know it's N.O.S. but it is almost the same price. Does anyone know which unit is considered by Rockna to be their best?

Anyway, so far, highly recommended. Worth the wait, although it was a long one.
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The little I could find to read on this DAC seems to indicate that the RD-2 is the superior unit.

So, your wait was about 5 months? Looks like it's about time to enlist the help of others to build these...
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