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I am one of the people on the PS Audio forums that is having problems with their new PPP. I received it on Friday and it immediately began acting strange. According to the display information it is only outputting 34 volts (should be 120) and the THD actually went up (from 1.5 to 4.4).

However, I'm impressed that the President of the company replied to my customer service forum post within about an hour (on Friday night). He expressed disappointment and said they'd arrange a quick replacement.

Although I haven't used it for anything yet, I am definitely impressed with the look and build quality of the device and how quiet it is (this was a particular concern of mine, because the even the very slight hum of the previous Power Plants was troublesome to me). I'm really looking forward to receiving a working one (probably sometime late next week).

Update (6/21/2007): I got a replacement within a few days and it has been working great ever since.
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Ok, Premier is arriving in a couple of days, two months earlier than others in Europe. I don't use Schuko connectors...
I'm expecting it to be DOA, that way I don't need to be disappointed. If the Premier arrives alive then it's a bonus.
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It came and half asleep I went to post office and pulled it through the snow, I got sore. I was worried of robbers, but if I had taken baseball bat with me then gangs might have thought I was outside looking for trouble.

I plugged it in and it was working, after 5 minutes I had forgotten how worried I was of it breaking. I remember now a few days later.

Edit: Here's the first impression thread: http://www.head-fi.org/forums/showthread.php?t=222478
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Ok, it blew up 2 months later, little sooner than I expected. But at least I found the truth.

The MWave1 setting didn't work in my system at all, only MWave4 works with all the gear I tried. DAC, amp, Cary transport, computer power supply. MWave4 gives the most low-level detail and bass when matched with Valhalla power cords.
P300 has MWave4, but Premier has only MWave1. This is what I was scared of.

Now I'm thinking of getting another Premier or Quintessence. The retailer gave me an offer to buy the new ones for 55% discount. So I guess that's what I will do.

I'm going to use the Premier or Quintessence between P300 and wall. Only my Cary transport will be connected to that P300. My amp's and DAC's P300 is plugged directly into the wall without any filtering, it sounds better that way.

My setup now is wall - Ultimate Outlet - P300 - Cary 303/300 CD transport

My new setup will be:

1) wall - Premier - P300 - Cary
2) wall - Quintessence - P300 - Cary

I'm going to buy it on tuesday, any ideas? I don't have money for both.

I could also get the Premier and sell it new in the box, I don't know if anyone wants to buy it though.
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Ok, I bought the Premier again. But this time with Schuko ports so I can sell it if I don't like it. I bought $150 worth of Cryo treated adapters because I'm skeptic of connectors, as long as Valhalla cable is plugged into adapters it's good enough... I also bought an Oyaide connector for $100 in case I'm wrong.
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