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Originally Posted by wualta View Post
Here's a question for those interested in the EAH-830's slightly bizarre construction: Technics claimed in the AES paper cited in the first post that the EAH-8x0 series achieved its engineering goals by using "acoustic circuits including double cavities for controlling the desired responses, which have twin peaks in the frequency response as measured with a dummy head."

I'd expect to see a labyrinth or a tuned cavity or something like that. And twin peaks? That's just scary. Any guesses, based on the photos of the innards, where these might be?
Double cavities... one behind the driver, one in front of the driver (pads-baffle-ear)? Not a unique idea.

Did anyone here buy that EAH-830 that was on the auction site recently?
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eBay.ie: Technics EAH-830 Isodynamic Japanese Headphones 1970s (item 130359200940 end time 25-Jan-10 10:01:48 GMT)

99pounds for EAH 830
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Thats been on ebay for a few months now. Its in "interesting" condition and not making sound on both sides....
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Hi. I´ve just started to collect vintage headphones and have been looking at these abused TECHNICS EAH-830 listed on ebay. It´s a cool design and I´m sure I could bring them back to life. Just wondering, do you think the drivers are fried and if so is there any way to save them using a conductive paint pen or similar? From the pics it looks like the cans are metal under the usual technics color, correct?

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