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I love the layout of the mobile app though...very nice!!




@tdock...we are in agreement on the 650. There is certainly no veil for me or mid bass hump. The bass is deep and textured and I go as far as to call the treble "energetic." But the mids are the real star of the show. Completely addictive.


I just can't stop listening to the mids on these. Honestly, I just can't see myself changing anything in my current setup except maybe some tubes on the lyr. It just sounds that good to me. wink.gif

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Alright... thanks for letting me know, guys. I planned on getting a separate DAC anyway, so... I guess it isn't much of a problem. I'll report on the results when I get one next month.


So... just to clarify once more... it's unlikely I damaged my headphones while I played around with it at the highest gain setting of 20 db (and, yes, the gain settings happen to be correct; I just misread the label for the dip switches on my amp - so, indeed, my loudest gain setting is 20 db), right?

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Nah, VERY unlikely that you damaged those hp's. The 650 sure can take a lot and unless you were near max on the volume pot for an extended period on high gain then you're fine. You'd hear signs of damage anyway. 

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Try it with a mp3 player/phone or something just to see if they sound ok or even just run them off the motherboard soundcard, I doubt you've hurt them.

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Matt: Alright... thanks for letting me know.


fuzzy1969: Yea... I tried it with my phone, but I'm still hearing not the clearest treble... but I'm guessing phones don't have the greatest DACs, either?

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hi guys

can the alo audio rx mk3 drive the 650?

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Oh my... I just tried the HD-650 without the amp, and straight onto the onboard audio, and it sounded worse. LOL. Yea... I'll just assume it's the terrible onboard audio for now.

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Yes, please do get a new DAC and report back to us. Just for the sake of testing, I just tried listening to a few songs via my Onboard Audio and my Titanium HD (w/ Burr-Brown PCM1794 DAC). Even without the amp, I could hear a huge difference. 

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^ Yep. Will do. Thanks for letting me know.

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Originally Posted by IPodPJ View Post

Nah sorry (to a poster named nicholas something or other that I thought was above me but apparently isn't.) The HD650 are excellent phones for the price and I like my pair but they are not even in the same technical league as the HD800 and LCD3. Sound signature has nothing to do with it. Detail retrieval and transient response on the 650 don't even come close to the 800 or LCD3. The technology behind the ring radiator driver in the 800 is miles ahead of what's in the 650, and likewise for the planar magnetic driver in the LCD3.


As much as I live the 650's I would hope they are not the equals of can casting 3X to 4X.....I would love to hear a pair of LCD-2 or 3's someday.

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I auditioned the lcd2 for a week just a few months ago. Honestly, the sound was wonderful. I love a dark signature with good textured bass and the lcd2 gives you those in spaides. 


But as good as it was it has two things going against it IMO. The price for one. And secondly for me, the comfort is what I'd call bearable at best. Comfort of course will be different for different people. But if I'm dropping $1k on a hp it better be damned comfortable. Too heavy and too much clamp for me to enjoy listening with it for more than about  30-40 minutes. I'd live with the cost if Audeze could find a way to shave about a third of the weight off. 

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yeh based on comments ive read the past few days, in this thread and various others, theres no way i'd go for any of the planar magnetic headphones.  they weigh close to double any of the sennys and are uncomfortable?  why would anyone want em?  i wish i could say that i could tolerate the discomfort for the sake of sound, but nope.


i was set on the LCD2s being my next purchase after the 650s, but now i'm in the HD800 camp all the way.  hated them at first due to their look, but i'd rather have something ugly yet comfortable and good sounding than something that sounds great yet has no comfort and looks doofy on your head.


gonna wait til CES to see if anything new is released, and if not, i'm purchasing the HD800s.

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Matt: Alright... thanks for letting me know.


fuzzy1969: Yea... I tried it with my phone, but I'm still hearing not the clearest treble... but I'm guessing phones don't have the greatest DACs, either?

depends which phone you've got?

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I'm currently the midst of deciding between the HiFiMan HE-500, Sennheiser HD 650 and Grado RS1i's for classic rock/alternative/metal music. This probably isn't the place to be posting this, but I figured I'd try anyway. Has anyone here tried all three of these headphones and have any remarks about comfort and sound quality?

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Can't help you with the HE-500's...The RS1i's are (for me) too bright. The HD650's give me all the dynamics I crave for metal without the fatigue I got from the RS1i's....

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