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Originally Posted by networkn View Post

I am now seriously considering amplification after visiting a friend who has a number of AMP's and headphones. The one I liked most was his "intruder" where I could hear the most detail, however it wasn't as good as the $1500 Lehmann amp the HD650's were connected to when I auditioned them and I am trying to find something similar. 


I am wondering if some kind souls might be prepared to help me with an experiment. In the Audition I used Celine Dion - River Deep Mountain High from "Falling Into You", which was on CD. In the first 30 seconds of that track, there are sections where there are backup singers, and using my STX and 2 of the lower end (relatively speaking) amps I tried today, I can barely hear them, but on the Lehmann Amp they were crystal clear. I would be interested in anyone who had that track and an AMP to tell me if they can hear it (really clearly) from their amp and which amp they are using. 


It's the only track I have such a clear reproducible experience with. 

It is best to have the same source when you are evaluating an amp, so limiting other factors.

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Originally Posted by kmitschiener View Post

What are the disadvantages of buying these used? I found a pair on amazon that go for around $330 which is a lot of money for a student, thanks.

If you wait, sometimes Electronics-Expo sells them for $341 for New in Open Box. Basically, they unseal the box, to mark down the price. I bought a pair of D7000s and HD650s (these through E-E's Amazon listing) this way. Both were new, basically untouched. Looked as only the outer seal was touched. The cables and headphone were as if they were never moved.
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I've had good luck with two pair of open box from Electronic Expo, but one pair had to go back. Despite that, I'd try them again for a great deal. 


@MLE...your post count dude!! eek.gif

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That's what happens when you have a LOT of free time while working overnights, lol.. rolleyes.gif

Yeah... that's why. ph34r.gif

I've had better luck with new in open box and used headphones than NEW ones, lol. My last NEW DT990 Pro came with a bad driver.
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^^ No one changes their avatar like you do!!  

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I should ask for a custom title...

"Avatarious Changealotus"
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+1 on the new title. Have a great holiday man...

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Thanks you too. biggrin.gif

As for my last can purchase this year, I believe I'll be getting the KSC75, just so I can nab the clips for my KSC35. rolleyes.gif

You do realize, that the way you're going, you'll have over 10,000 posts in the same time span that it took me almost 3 years to get?
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You've got me very interested in a pair of the Koss clips. Just not sure which one's I want. 


Of course a lot of my post count comes from the he400 thread. It could run out of steam at some point...who knows? 

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My posts will continue as long as my gaming thread is as popular as it is.

Dude, just get the KSC75. The 35's are barely better. Certainly not 3x the price. If I didn't already own them, I'd be happy with just the KSC75, even after having heard the KSC35.

$15. Certainly not gonna break the bank.

Talking about them, I just ordered them. I've been wearing the 35's a LOT at work, and my ears get raw from the hard, sharp clips. The rubber clips will be a huge difference in comfort. This time, I won't make the mistake of bending them.
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Okay, I'll give them shot. I gotta little Amazon credit anyway...

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They're great. I highly doubt you'd dislike them. Just don't be silly in comparing them to the HE400 or HD650. tongue.gif

Clip ons take a little adjusting to, and won't be comfortable at first. Give them a few days. Once you know how to put them, on like it's second nature. Leave them on... you'll see how they just disappear off your head. Like wearing nothing. They get a 9.5 in comfort for me. I could do backflips and they'd stay put. Easy to sleep with too...
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You can do backflips? blink.gif I did a backflip once. Patch of ice, didn't see it, backflip. 

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Lol, no. Not even in the pool. I just don't understand the method of how to do it. I can do a front flip though. My body goes retarded while trying a backflip though.

I meant that you can literally TRY to get the KSC75 to fall off... they'll just laugh at you, figuratively speaking.
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Mirror, mirror on the wall, what is the smoothest sounding headphone setup in the world?


That would be HD 650 with WA2 and 6AS7G tubes, master.

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