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 > The HD800s are what you want, Sen desgned these headphones for people like you.  People that that love the 650 love it for how it portrays midrange, for this to occur the treble must not mask it and needs to be shelved somewhat - there is no way around this.


Well to my ears good treble has a great effect on midrange. The SRH940 upper mids are better than the HD650s because of the treble. You have to realize that all instruments/voices have a lot of overtones that contribute very much to the sound. While the HD650 is great with any frequency within normal singing range, the slight lack of the really higher overtones allows this lack to make its way into upper mids.


That said, as a "treble happy listener" as you put it, I still really like the HD650. The DT880 is a "treble happy" headphone, yet why is it I'm not a fan of its treble? Because IMO the HD650 treble is better quality than the DT880, despite being recessed.


This reinforces how good the HD650 all-around IMO. The problem with the SRH940 is its bass and lower mids aren't in the same league as the HD650 which is why the HD650 is my main headphone that I use 95% of the time. Still, people give the SRH940 less credit than it deserves in terms of its treble, but that's not a discussion for this thread.


Anyway... I probably won't be buying an HD800 any time particularly soon, but it's on my list I guess.

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I can't wait to compare SRH 940 when my HD 650 arrives.


It'll be great. Loser will most like go to some place else. 

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Just be careful and give yourself a lot of time between deciding which is the "loser". The SRH940 will quickly impress with its highs and (relatedly) its details, but give yourself at least a month if you can until your ear adapts. Then you'll have to decide whether you want incredible comfort / bass / mids or incredible highs / upper mids. Assuming you're one of the lucky ones whose head finds the SRH940 comfortable.


As for my head, well, it stretched my SRH940 so much it broke.

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Originally Posted by Tetsuma View Post


Then one of those men don't know what they're talking about, or isn't experienced.

At any rate, the HD650s apparently sounded bad when neutral and were given notches at 5khz and 16khz for that 'intimate' feeling.


The main article is at onhifi.


Hey, thanks for the link to the article.  beerchug.gif

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^ great article, well written. Thanks for that. HD650 PRIDE! smily_headphones1.gif

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My cousin dropped his Senns with me and as such I've been able to give the 650's a proper audition. All I can say is, "Sweet Jesus, the hype is justified." I've fallen in love with Sennheiser again. I've finally found the bass I've been missing with my 595s. The can is warm, lush, inviting and so, so laid back. Everything just feels right with this can and I'm rediscovering my music again. 

I'm running it off the headphone out on my NAD 3020 and I'm led to believe that it scales well with better equipment and I still need to burn it in some more. It seems my 595's are going on sale earlier than expected.

Bottom line, I can truly see why this can was the top of the line Sennheiser.


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All I can say is, "Sweet Jesus, the hype is justified."


Yep, after having many hours to listen to DT880s (not gonna keep them), I fully understand why the HD6x0 tends to rule the < $600 price range around here. Honestly, even my AD2000s weren't as good across the frequency spectrum (although they were quite good).

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I think you should of tried the 990's out since you are a treble head somewhat, ac500.




@HD650 I think today after doing some cross comparison with my friend's grado, one thing has come to my mind. I wanna get back to "listening" to music again! The AD700....M50...both cans I use to analyze music a lot and while I jam out a good amount when a given song comes up, it's usually just the song that does it, not my headphone helping the influence. I'm not saying I do not enjoy the quality of sound produced by the two but a lot of the time I find they're just reproducing the music in an accurate manner and nothing more. The AD700 more so but the M50 is a perpetrating bastard as well. This is not to say that I don't want to be able to analyze if need be but I think what I want out of my next main can is to be able to enjoy the music and just feel it, have it take me away within itself and not spend as much time thinking to myself "oh, this sounds reproduced well". I mean, I was just listening to some choral based gospel music(I'm not christian but I love the sound of most gospel choir stuff, it's like combining classical, choral, and R&B) on these lowly SR60i's and while my M50's do a lot better, those headphones just made me stop typing....and listen. I'm hoping the HD650 is what can get me back to doing that, re-falling in love with my music, listening to it again like it's the first time. The main requirement for my next headphone needs to be the embodiment of this I feel.

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@ B-Dawk20, this is from the HD650 manual -


With the HD650, Sennheiser has followed the changes in the listening habits of music-lovers and the way in which they experience sound. In spite of all purism and the highest demands on precise sound reproduction, a slight change in listening behaviour is detectable. Today many music-lovers want to feel the sound more instead of plainly analysing it. The HD650 now captivates your senses where you used to be a mere observer. It allows total submersion into an ocean of music and lets you completely forget your surroundings.



Flowery marketing language but it's pretty much spot on IMO. Sounds like you owe it to yourself to at least audition this headphone.


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I will be next month but for now I can only hope. And yes that statement was quite flowery lol. Can only hope it is true.
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It's certainly true versus most other headphones in this price range.

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Always good to be reassured that 9 months back I made the right call when deciding between the AKG K701 and the HD 650.

These cans are awesome.
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I certainly hope so guys, I certainly do. I like that Grado sound but I totally feel a major flaw is detail(which probably improves up the line) and the fact that the sound really can vary in what it works for wildly I feel. Like I feel it is great for very specific sounding rock, specific sounding pop, etc.



Anyway, speaking of gospel choir stuff. I have never heard of anyone on head-fi who likes it, I wonder what headphones out there compliment it.

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anybody knows how to plug the the headphones with e7+e9 into a TV while the e7 is working as a dac?


because plugging it through the USB port on the tv doesnt work at all and plugging it in the 3.5mm hole makes the e9 only work while the e7 doesnt do anything even though it is docked on top of the e9!

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Honestly, the DAC in your TV may be better than the one in the E9. At least I WOULD HOPE TO GOD that TV companies don't short change us on DACs angry_face.gif

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