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I've just bought HD598 and am enjoying them with my Schiit Asgard, but I already regret not going a step further and getting the HD650. Question: I'm sure all here would suggest the HD650, but  does it make any sense at all to have both the HD598 and HD650? I was thinking (rationalizing) that I might use the 598 for movies and the 650 for music.

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I started researching audiophile headphones a month ago and finally chose the HD 598. Turns out they weren't a good match with my amp (flabby bass I suspect was due to an impedance mismatch). I decided to order the HD 650 because it is 300 ohm vs. 50 ohm. When the 650's arrived, I listened to them both side-by-side extensively to decide which one's I would keep.


The hands down winner was the HD 650.


They sound different, but for me, there is nothing the 598 does that the 650 doesn't do better. The 598 has more prominent/brighter treble, so if you like your music bright, that might be a consideration, but to me, the smoother more refined 650 is the (much) better headphone (although I will admit that the 598 is more comfortable to wear being lighter and having less clamping force).


They are both fine-sounding headphones. If the 598's had matched up better with my amp, I would have kept them and been perfectly happy. That said, I definitely would not keep them both. I am a one headphone kind of guy and I think both the 598 and 650 are well suited to all types of music and movies. 

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Well I've 'burned in' my 650 for probably 30-40 hours since it arrived last week. My dac/amp just arrived today (Audio-GD NFB 12), and I have to say this sounds really good :)


The HD 650's sounded excellent un-amped. When I hooked it into the NFB-12, it sounded beyond excellent :). It's hard to explain the difference really (I'm new to hi-fi headphones), but the sound of all frequencies seem just more "high resolution" (crisp and clear). Mixed sounds (different instruments, etc.) are much more clearly separated, as they'd sound in real life. It also sounds a little more well rounded / balanced in sound signature too, but that's just my impression.


Anyway, I think the sound signature is perfect for me. I have literally listened to these for ~5 hours straight and no fatigue at all. I still don't detect any "veil", high tones are incredible detailed for things like violin, and are plenty harsh and bright for my tastes. However I don't have any other high end rigs to compare to. 


I definitely understand how people call them "smooth", and I love that sound. It's hard to put into words, but it's just really enjoyable to listen to everything and hear the music.

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its not unamped if youre using the NFB 12.  isnt that an amp and dac in one?>

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Yes, I just got my NFB-12 today. That's why I said it sounds excellent unamped, and beyond excellent when amped with the NFB-12 :)

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my fault.  good for u. always was interested in audio GD products.. never purchased one though.

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Originally Posted by caracara08 View Post

as i described to another member/friend of mine here,  the hd650 is smooth. it relaxes you and theres no feeling of listening to each note or nuance.  with the hd800 (on a lesser system) i felt like it was so analytical, that iw as listening to notes and sounds instead of music.  with these, i listen to the music.  the positioning/imaging are awesome.   




Very true IMO. The HD800 sounds distant and uninvolving with a setup that's not matched for them (even if it's relatively high-end). The HD650, OTOH, sounds good from a much wider range of equipment. In fact, I prefer the HD650s from low to mid-fi gear. The HD800 has significantly more potential and technical ability, so with a good setup built around them, they do clearly overtake the 650s. But as expected, that requires a lot of time, money and effort to produce.

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Dammit... I don't want to admit it but the mogami cable I made sounds better. But I'm torn because I don't believe in cables actually making a difference. I'm using the same heavily congested test tracks over and over... the mogami simply has better clarity (maybe due to an increase in treble) and separation. I wonder if it's possible to color sound deliberately through the cable, using resistors etc. and that's what Sennheiser did? Maybe that's where the perceived difference comes from? I hate the new cable, it's heavy and much less flexible but sounds better. Dammit, I really preferred being anti cable. There must be an explanation beyond "cryogenically treated silver, with titanium reinforcement insulation made from aged silicon from a spaceshuttle that has reentered orbit after coming in contact with an alien life form" cable simply sounding better... whats the simplest explanation?

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why do you need an explanation? your ears heard it and liked it better. whats done is done. you have been converted. 

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muad: I know this isn't the thread for this kind of discussion, so I'll keep it short: Doing a blind test and publishing your results would put you in a head-fi hall of fame somewhere :D.


And you'd help people like me and other HD 650 users in a decision as to whether to buy a cable some day :) (please let's not start a cable debate on this though).

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why? he said he liked his cable better. whats the big deal? hes an admitted non believer who through his own experience, likes his cable better than stock.  yet, the same argument comes up as if you discredit him.  as a person, he deserves better. if he likes his cable, let him like it. dont bring up stupid testing and youre "witty" comments. im not going to comment anymore because its just going to get deleted. 

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Huh? I never said anything was a big deal :P. I specifically said I wanted to keep it short to avoid a debate.

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last point. fishski13 did do a dbt and passed but "you people" dont believe him so really... whats the point of telling ppl to do a dbt and its not gonna be believed anyways...  get a good cable and try it yourself.  even then, non believers may not hear anything because they dont want to hear anything (even though the op stated he was a non-believer).   


its not the cable argument that necessarily bothers me, its all these stupid arguments. telling people they are wrong and to do this and that because the science doesnt make sense.  ESPECIALLY when the poster is a non believer in cables.  

op likes his cable. let him be. maybe one day, youll post something just like his. 

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After auditioning a ton of different cans, the HD650 just hits the exact spot. For me, it's the perfect compromise of details, bass, midrange and comfort - both physical and sonical. Now my ATH-W1000's are up for sale so I can grab my own pair of HD650 and return the ones I borrowed from a friend. Can't wait to get my own set of 650's smily_headphones1.gif

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Originally Posted by Sorensiim View Post

After auditioning a ton of different cans, the HD650 just hits the exact spot. For me, it's the perfect compromise of details, bass, midrange and comfort - both physical and sonical. Now my ATH-W1000's are up for sale so I can grab my own pair of HD650 and return the ones I borrowed from a friend. Can't wait to get my own set of 650's smily_headphones1.gif

congrats! what setup did you hear them with? they scale beautifully with better gear.  that was the deciding factor for me getting them over the denons and mid beyers. 

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