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I think 1-2 db gentle boost above 10 khz and 3 db boost peaking at 20 hz (starting at 40 hz) would make the HD650 ideal, maybe better than the Audeze LCD-2 that I liked better than any other Audeze or HiFiMan for that matter (even the newer HE-1000) and would own if not for the weight mainly (and to a lesser degree their price). If they did this and called it the HD675, I'd buy it. Yes, we can do that with EQ but it is best to get EQ changes with mechanical design, not with EQ after, which can alter the phase info.

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My first decent headphone was the Shure 840 3 years ago. I'm now back and want to dive into something better! So far the hd650 is the one I want to get. Then schitt bifrost uber? Then schitt lyr2? Lol. There are so many choices now it's crazy.
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Yes you're about right. Here's my perfect formula for a finely tuned HD 650 by EQ: about +1 db @ 45hz, -1 @ 75hz and +2 at 7khz and above. But of course this can be done differently for you. This is a VST called Voxengo Drumformer plugin which is the single most useful mastering plugin I have ever used and so much more than the parametric EQ which as at the top - it also has 3 bands of individually tweakable compression (to add faster 'slam') if adjusted to a positive ratio; expansion if adjusted to a negative ratio, and 3 bands of optional saturation.


I'm using this, another VST and in the process of rolling tubes to get the best sound sig. out of the 650 and my other headphones too.

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However like the HE 1000's, the HD 650's performance is largely dependent on the source. I've heard both perform so-so, and both absolutely stellar brilliant - depending on the source. So I would disagree that the HD 650's are not very snappy; both that and any veil sure seemed removed when I paired them with a multi-thousand dollar tube amp. In fact it was a sound I'll probably remember forever :gs1000smile:


could you name few of those amps...?:popcorn:

i promise i won't click "ADD TO CART" :wink_face:

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Sure enough, it was all about the Zana Deux tube amp from Eddie Current. That thing paired with the HD 5xx or 6xx headphones has the ability to steal your audiophile heart in about 5 seconds. It gives you a euphoric sense like you have very truly and literally stepped into an alternate dimension with vibrant, lush, beautiful, hard hitting sounds that are always 'out of your head'... I Schiit you not! (Sorry this isn't a Schiit amp either), it's Edddie Current, the one some Head-Fi'ers were calling the "end game table"). And they even have another amp that many considered even superior to it called the Eddie Current Studio.


Quote from the 2015 SF Head Fi meet:

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Alright, impressions time.


As someone who normally brings my Stax setup to meets, I decided to play it a little differently this year. Rather than bringing my main rig I decided it would be fun to bring the pair of Senn. HD 600s that I use on the computer and ONLY LISTEN TO THEM the entire day. As many head-fi'ers know, the HD 600s scale about as well as any headphone to quality of the rig running them. The way I figure, they'd be a great measuring stick for all the rigs that would be on display.




I spent 95% of my day listening through the HD 600s, stopping only to have the very briefest of listens to a few of the latest dynamic TOTL headphones.  HE 1000s (nice, but 3k nice?) and Mr. Speakers Ether (better than anything Mr. Speakers has done before). As nice as those two headphones were, I don't think I'll be giving up my SR-009s any time soon.




Next up was the Eddie Current table, aka the end-game table!


Holy sh#t! The HD 600s sound AMAZING out of the Zana Deux. What a pairing! I was nearly ready walk away with one of these. The sound was lush, powerful and open. Just beautiful. The HD 600s scale beautifully. The Zana absolutely blew the Oppo HA-1 away.


On the downside, Zana ran very hot. Hot enough to give me pause about potentially keeping Zana on a desk as a cat owner.


I am seriously tempted to buy a Zana.




As good as the Zana sounded, the Studio was better in every way. This amp is THE TRUTH! Seriously, this is the best dynamic amp I've ever heard, full stop. The HD 600s sounded downright holographic! Punchy, open, just the slightest hint of warmth. Power for days. This amp has it all. You'd never know you were listening to (just) $400 headphones. The sound the Studio can draw out of the HD 600s is just stunning.


For those of you lucky enough to afford one of these I envy you. I'm in the middle of saving for a house so something like the Studio would set me back a good two or three months of saving. Yeah, not going to happen, but I can dream. For a third of the price I'd probably take a Zana.





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Originally Posted by DecentLevi View PostThis is a VST called Voxengo Drumformer

Yep, I've had several of their VSTs for many years. I have probably a dozen EQ options to get that result, and multi-band and also multi-stage compressors. While I'm extreme on the tech side, a part of me still loves getting there through just acoustic means, if possible. There's also new plug-in by Sonarworks (not to be confused with Cakewalk Sonar) devoted  to correcting of headphones.

I'd tried a demo with their custom HD650. It did bring up the subs and improve the air, but flattens the high mids dips engineered into the HD650, to make them more easy on the ears. It'd also had a phase shift effect I didn't like. It's amazing how I can EQ the heck out of something when mixing or mastering it, but put a few EQ tweaks on headphones, and it just never sounds right to me.

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Originally Posted by Jeff Y View Post

Yes I am in the exact process of doing the same thing.

I keep most of the headphones I bought too for such reasons. All I try to do is to try to rule out the ones I do not like (personal preferences ofc).

Only thing that stops me from buying 5-10 headphone is the lack of funds because of my young age.

But one day... :D


I hope you have a big bank acct. It's an expensive proposition doing what you do.  :blink:

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