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I wholly agree with the most recent posts here re. 650. It's a lifer for me. I sold two wood Grados recently, but the 650 stays put. Most genres work very well; symphonies aren't optimal on the 650s, however.


For maximum satisfaction, I respectfully suggest going balanced on the 650. Get even more of what's already superb on them.

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All being said, the HD 650's are rapidly becoming my prized posession! Fluidic, warm sound signature, open 3D holographic imaging with great depth perception and pleasing with any genre I threw at it, from rock to electronica and everything in between. These could even be the 2nd best headphone I have heard after the Hifiman HE-6 and HE-1000!


One of the things I love about the HD650 is its ability to properly reproduce 3D holographic imaging with respect to binaural recordings. I'm curious to hear a headphone that does a better job and wonder how the HD800 performs in this regard. One of my favourite listening experience with the 650 is listening to binaural recordings of thunder, rain, or field recordings of large spaces - you close your eyes and are transported.  

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