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Ah sunday, went to the flea market and gotten myself a Roberta Flack - Killing Me Softly on vinyl.

Also the missus got herself a pair of AKG K551 a few months back, influenced by yours truly :wink_face:

The Missus simply steals my headphones.  Truth be told though, I see her reaching for the RS-180s for movies and the Koss Porta Pros for music more than anything else lately....  (She used to only use the Apple earbuds that came with her iPhone 5.  I never told her they were "bad" sounding.  She made the move on her lonesome which just makes me SO proud!)


PS.  I thought my DX90 would take explaining...  I noticed that a DX90 and Koss Porta Pros were "silently" added to her Christmas list about a week ago... :biggrin:

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Hey guys.


I'm more of a lurker here but felt obligated to let you know Bottlehead is currently selling their Crack + Speedball kit for $299 directly from their website until the 26th... $95 off regular price. Great deal for such an amazing amp.

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