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Originally Posted by MattTCG View Post


The lyr is a very good amp and pairs well with the 650...very well. But consider that the lyr runs $475 shipped and you MuST roll in a decent set of tubes that will go about $50, so $525. If you are willing to build the crack kit or have someone build it for you, you can get a better pairing for less. Kit =$300 shipped plus the Tung sol 5998 will run about $375. That's an amazing deal when you consider the places it will take the 650. 


Both amps are very good choices and my two personal favorites.


The lyr is built like a tank with no maintanence required and has the option to roll in some nice tubes to flavor the sound to your liking. The lyr will also do a great job with other hp's especially planar mags. 


The Crack is special though and seems like it may have been build exclusively for the 650. IMO it is a clearly and appreciable better choice for the 650. But it will not have the flexibility to drive other hp's, especially planar mags, like the lyr. 

At first, I actually wanted to try the BHC, but knowing that it mainly just shined with Senns and Beyers , I thought the price was a tad to high, unless you build it yourself.


Then I found that the Mad Ear , with the right tube was just beautiful with the HD650.

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Originally Posted by CRITICALSHOT View Post

I don't want to spend more than 800 for an amp and a DAC.  If I can spend less that is always good...


I will be listening to everything (Music), including movies and games.

If you are willing to spend 800 on amp and dac.....you can prolly awing a crack and just be done with it.....then spend the rest on a dac.

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Originally Posted by CRITICALSHOT View Post

I am about to purchase the Valhalla...I live in the USA so I need to pick the 115vac option correct?  Don't get this one wrong, I will be disappointed when I get my amp tomorrow!


Correct, 115v is for NA and 220v for EU, no worries

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Originally Posted by Stoney View Post


I can't go into a full explanation.  The Valhalla is not bright or sparkly (unless that's on the recording) and it does not act as a tone control.  Also, particularly with minor mods and good cables, the HD650 roll off is less than reputed.  But what it does in the treble on my HD650s was distinctly more accurate and pleasureable than on the Fireflies and even the Lyr (cables might have made a difference, but all were good aftermarket ones.)  Power specs are of limited use, so long as they are not drastically short of phone recommendations.  And I didn't say anything about "limits" the naturalness. But I did compare the triode and single-ended aspects of sound to power amps with those features: triodes are smooth and uncanny in their realism with realistic transients but some is illusion due to a bit higher harmonic distortion perhaps. Single ended similarly increases the even order harmonics which are shown in studies to increase perceived realism. On some music passages, this can reduce the vividness compared to, say, the literal but sometimes exaggerated sharpness of solid state, for example.  I'm sure others can put these better into words or context than my tired brain at the moment.  

Headphonia made mention of the treble of the Valhalla:


"The Valhalla actually had a clearer sound with more sparkle in the low treble. It had a more solid state-like clarity and sparkle, but it’s not exactly dry sounding. It actually reminds me a lot of the sparkly treble in the Grace m902 amplifier section, which is a chip-based solid state headphone amp (I know, it’s totally unrelated, chip amps and tube amps). But I definitely won’t describe the Valhalla as having the traditional “tubey” sound. The Lyr has a thick lower mid-upper bass area, which progresses to a fairly lean treble section." 


There was something similar in the 6moons review.  I think everything that you said is spot on theory wise and was very helpful.  I made mention of the treble characteristics as it is what swayed me in the direction of the Valhalla (650 and Valhalla sitting in a tree m-a-t-i-n-g).  I hope I made the right choice and I will get mine tomorrow and see for myself.  I appreciate the time you took to answer my question and it reinforced some things I knew and added perspective.

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ANy love for the Darkvoice336SE...? All of my cans work with this lush/bodacious amp, cept the HE6. 

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Darkvoice makes some very nice amps.

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Originally Posted by Lorspeaker View Post

ANy love for the Darkvoice336SE...? All of my cans work with this lush/bodacious amp, cept the HE6. 

I could probably grow to love it. Does it pair well?
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Originally Posted by Lorspeaker View Post


ANy love for the Darkvoice336SE...? All of my cans work with this lush/bodacious amp, cept the HE6. 

Let me hold it and I will let you know...:D

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Originally Posted by Zorrofox View Post

I could probably grow to love it. Does it pair well?

Lots of inexpensive tubes to try..for diff genres n moods:-)
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I hope my headphones come in tomorrow, this wait is tough  @_@

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Mine should arrive tomorrow as well.


I bought a Darkvoice 336 a couple weeks ago and Beyer DT-800s just before that (600 ohm). I really love their air, but the upper-mids and treble grate on me with some music, so I'm going to give the 650s a try.


Convenient that I have a nice amp for it, although the RCA tubes I have in right now are probably going to make everything way too warm. We'll see tomorrow!

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Ah, nice! I don't have any nice amp yet but I think it'll be awhile before I really want one....unless I make some snap decision purchase :p

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This is directed to those of you that use a tube amp, I have an Ember amp.  I have rolled many tubes and really like most of them.  Always felt this amp was a good value.  Reading on a high end audio forum, they were discussing using a product called deoxit.  http://store.caig.com/s.nl/sc.2/category.188/.f .... I purchased a "survival kit" that had several of their products and info on their other products.  When the kit arrived I cleaned all the male connections going back to the pc and the power supply for the amp.  I also sprayed the deoxit on the pins of one of my tubes.  It was obvious the amount of crude "corrsion" that came off the tube pins.  Waited the two minutes for the deoxit to clean and seal the pins, wiped it off and reinserted the tube in the amp. Now I am at a lose. I swear I can hear a little more detail in the upper registers, and the music "seems" a little more open.  Tried it on another tube this morning and the same results.  Just wondered if any of you had tried this or not, and if so what your conclusions were.

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It does sound like a good idea to clean up NOS tubes that have oxidized pins, usual problems being static noise or other random artifacts. The simple act of removing and reinserting the tube will usually clean up the contact but i have heard deoxit can help stop that problem from reoccurring. I should really buy some and try it..

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I was told about inserting and reinserting tubes would clean off contacts also.  I am former Navy electronics tech, from back in the early sixties, everthing back then was tube, ss was just coming out, so I have changed many tubes, some tube pins did come a little cleaner, if we ran out of cleaner in flight we would insert and out several times and it usually made enough contact to get back to base where we could better clean the pins with a solvent or emery cloth.  Also we found that sometimes inserting the tube or taking it out caused the glass around the pins to crack and the tube to fail after that.  Not always but it was something to take care with, not to apply to much force on the tube when removing it. Found using the deOxit the tubes slide in a little better also.  Forgot about doing that until just now, wow, old age is catching up.

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