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Add me to the club

The HD-580s introduced me to the Senn sound which i love. I just felt that they needed some more bass and maybe just a wee less treble.

Much to my wifes dismay, I bought the HD-650s and truly love them. No burnin necessary for me at all! Now I have the bass that is full and surprisingly I feel that the treble is very similar to the 580s but with the added bass it stands out a little less. Also, I'm glad to find out that the sound is not several rows back like some people mention. It really is dependent on the music. I listen to mainly rock music and the sound is right there in front of me with some depth still present. Overall, these phones sound like great speakers which is what I want - especially on drums. Now drum hits have more force - i love the drum fills on songs and now they have the impact that I missed with the 580s. I believe I found my perfect HPs!
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I think these might be perfect for me as well. I’m really sensitive to sibilance - did you ever notice it with these phones? I’ll buy these shortly after christmas, so you have to add me to the club soon!
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There is absolutely NO sibilance whatsoever with the HD650. Buy with confidence.

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Just received my HD-650s from HeadRoom and they're wonderful. A big step up from my faithful HD-280s (which I relinquished to my sister for her own personal use). Nice packaging too, with the inner that's hinged for storage.
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I have a lot of phones. The Senn's are the Fave's. I have a 600 and 650. Both have been Headphile Cabled. I'm waiting for the Full Monty from Larry.
It's been paid for. Waiting for my build turn. The 650's in Deep Bloodwood. With the same junction and splitter. It will be BEEEUtaaaful.
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Are the 650s a good match with the DarkVoice 336i? Will be used mostly for Pop/Rock tunes with chick vocals. I need to buy something (600 or 650) SOON before my upgradeitis becomes terminal. I currently use 595s...THANKS!
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About a month ago, I bought a pair of DT990. I liked them so much after some burn-in, I sold my HD580 to buy Gilmore Lite. Then some forum readings triggered me to get this beautiful pair of HD650. I've been sitting on my desk with HD650 on my head for 6 hours straight after I got home from work. Compared to DT990, this is on another level even without any burn-ins.

Question: Does anyone know if Headsix will be strong enough to drive HD650 and DT990?? I have one on the way, and I am so curious!!
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Hard to believe they are the most involving yet the most forgiving and soothing, non-fatiguing headphones I have tried. There was a slim chance that I could have jumped on R-10 when I saw a pair for relatively cheap, but since it didnt happened...

For me, HD650s are "the phones to beat", nothing came close

At first I felt that I could live with less clamping force (too spoiled by HD580s uber comfiness ), but it has grown a bit loose now and I figure the tightness of clamping accounts for better bass as well,
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"Question: Does anyone know if Headsix will be strong enough to drive HD650 and DT990?? I have one on the way, and I am so curious!!"

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Originally Posted by gechu View Post
"Question: Does anyone know if Headsix will be strong enough to drive HD650 and DT990?? I have one on the way, and I am so curious!!"

You will get volume and maybe like some of what you hear. But after having the Move, HD650, and DT990 , I wouldn't think it would satisfy myself. A desktop amplifier would have been more appropriate. The LISA III sounds pretty good, but costs more then the headsix plus gilmore lite.
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i'm burning HD650 as i type, and waiting for SAA Equinox cable around next week, i'm so happy right now, but my wallet is not..
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Originally Posted by grubyhalo View Post
Thanks Dane! Say, do you visit other audio forums on the web, for instance av123.com by any chance? Also, is there any good tube-based headphone amp for about $500 that would be a good match for the HD650's? I'm trying to see if there's one that would match the cans better than the D1, I just 'might' try saving up for it. Thanks again folks!
Might be worth having a look at the Darkvoice 332 threads . Some great reports of synergy with the HD650's with this tube amp . Haven't heard it myself, but it really does seem to bring out the best in the 650's by all accounts.
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Certainly does.
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New appreciation and delight with GSX...what a great synergy!!!
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Hi there...I am about to join the hd650 community (they are in the mail) and I super pumped. Quick questions for the hd650 veterans out there...

Which DIY amp works best with these headphones? I don't think I am confident enough to try a B22, but I would consider anything less complicated/cheaper than that (M^3, mini^3, PPA, Pineta, LISA III, Millet Hybrid MAX, to name a few). Thanks for the input!
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