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Use your Vali and save... for a Crack :)

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Originally Posted by chee006 View Post

Hi so I am homeless now and have barely any money to eat because I just spent it on my HD650 which I really hope I won't regret when it arrives or before I die from starvation. 


Anyway I also just bought a PB2 for my DX50, I am just wondering if anyone has a similar set up and would explain to me if it sounds great or not and why. :D 



.....well at least your ears will still be warm.

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Abablits. I'd save for the crack.
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Originally Posted by abablitz View Post

Question, what is the best amp for the HD 650 other than the bottlehead crack, because that is outside my budget. I currently have a schiits vali+ modi. Is there anything that imitates a crack amp but is cheaper?

Try Aune T1


@joebobbilly,great review ,Thanks

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Originally Posted by MattTCG View Post

Of course you joke about being homeless, right?

If only I was joking...:(

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The DYI crack isn't outside my price range, just the building portion since I don't know how to, would end up being outside my budget. Also do you guys EQ your senns with the crack amp?

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I just got my HD650's the other day and they absolutely blow everything else I own away (Mackie MR5MK2 monitors and Shure SE535 IEMs)... Now I can't wait until I can afford a decent amp and DAC. I'm currently using them with my Steinberg CI2 USB studio / DAC and couldn't even begin to imagine how these could sound better haha.

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What Amp/Dac do you have in mind?
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I was thinking of first starting off with the Bottlehead Crack OTL diy kit http://bottlehead.com/?product=crack-otl-headphone-amplifier-kit and continue using the Steinberg CI2 as a DAC for a little while. Not sure what DAC I'll get afterwards. It must be Linux compatible as that's all I use.


I can't freaking figure out how to make text into a url on this forum :confused_face(1):

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Looks like it worked for you. A big plus one for the Crack with the 650!!

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Oh I had edited it. I was trying to get the text "bottlehead crack diy kit" to be a click-able link but the codes didn't seem to work


Anyhow, I think I'm also going to have to learn how to start making some good quality diy cables as that could quickly get expensive as well! 


For now, the CI2 really does a great job. I find there's too much bass sometimes, but then I turn down and then it doesn't sound as full and I can hear the veil. It will be hard to move away from using the CI2. I have the DI out from my bass amp and monitors hooked up to it..

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My HD 650 is also going to arrive in the next few days but my PC DAC and amp ain't. I too can't wait to get my hands on a good amp and DAC my portable one is decent but I am afraid it won't sound as good if I paired it with a tube amp. Do you guys have any amp/dac or seperate components for my HD 650? my budget is around $350

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Sorry to intrude on the Crack-fest but I can't seem to find the HD650 appreciation thread.


As a "veteran" HD650 owner I still have those moments when this headphone surprises with its ability to connect me to the music. It really is remarkable in this aspect.


I mean - there are warts and imperfections evident - but mostly I don't care.


This is just from the lowly Mjolnir too. Can't fathom what it'd be like from the amaze-balls Crackhead amp. ;) 

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Yep. The only time I've previously sunk as much time into just sitting and listening to music is via the Miles Davis Tribute IEMs. That might seem like an odd comparison but they're all about the lush mids and that mid-bass sweet spot, too. Obviously, the imaging and detail is very different but I could lose hours with them, as with the 650. That said, I could never go back to IEMs at this point.

The amazing thing about the 650s to me is that they sounded great with the Fiio E7, better with the E9 and then absolutely stellar with the Crack. And since then, with some tube rolling they've flourished to an even higher level. With a 5998 and E80CC, they're unbelievable compared to through the E7. I fully expect the Speedball upgrade to take them up even further. It's like they are starting to surpass the music in my head.
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I am now selling my HD800s, I have tried the HD800s with an OTL valve amp and they still sound tipped up even after I have tried to EQ them.  I always go back to my HD650s.  These are amazing cans that scale will the right gear.

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