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I thank everyone for the suggestions.

Many of those I have pondered myself. Grados are just too expensive in Europe compared to the US prices. As a general rule, I'm interested in HPs around the 250-300 Euro pricetag for full cans. I know I'd never spend the extra money to improve source and amplification as much as more costly cans would require to sound their best. Never spent more than 300 Euro so far, and I'm wishing to stick to that rule. I'm into good sound, but not so far as to forget price-to-performance ratio and the law of diminishing returns.

Anyway, for now I can't even allow myself to fork out the MRSP for the Momentum, so I guess I'll spend some more time with the HD650 and make up my mind about it.
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Grado 225i if u must go tat way:)
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I have Apogee Duet, and though I love it with my Grado HF2s, I've never been satisfied with the Duet/HD650 combo.  It lacks the horsepower.  I now use a CLAS db/Rx Mk3 combo and I'm giddy over it.  I'm now waiting on a balanced cable from BTG Audio, and I assume I'll be even more in love with this pairing.


I'm also waiting on my pre-order for my HiFi-M8 form CEntrance, which is an "all in one" combo.  I have high hopes that will play well with my HD650s...


Running HD650 with a balance cable is VERY good. I like it much too wink_face.gif. The sound is really challenge the desktop quality. For more intimate sounding...still prefer Glacier thou..is more in the head experience..very clean sounding..and most accurate IMO.

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Are u using a dac, bro?
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Original quote (Click to show)

A few years ago I bought the HD 280 pro headphones and thought they were good. More recently I bought the HD 380 pro headphones and they are very nice headphones. So when I bought new Sennhieser HD 650 headphones I was expecting some very high quality sound reproduction from them. I bought them from Analogue Seduction in U.K. The package they arrived in was in very good condition, but under the brown paper and bubble-wrap the silver corrugated cardboardbox was beaten up and not at all new looking. The package made clunking noises when I shook it, I found when I opened the box that the adaptor for the cable was free floating in the box. The foam block was inserted between the ear-cups, not as it was packed from the factory.


The HD 650's inside the box are the black grill model, I am told this is the "OLD MODEL". As for sound quality, the HD 380's sound a lot better! The bass of the HD 650's is almost not there, and what is there is distorted. When I plug them into my Little Dot Tube Amp the sound is veiled, like the music and voices sound as though the recording was made with the microphone a number of meters from the musicians. To get the music sounding as it should, (like the band is right in front of me and not in the next room), I have to turn the volume up to more than double the comfortable level.I think the description of "veiled" and "dark" are descriptive of this product. When I plug the headphones into my Denon Amplifier I hear distortion that I do not hear with my other headphones.


I live in Australia and I have contacted Sennheiser Australia and they are going to check with Sennheiser U.K. to see if Analogue Seduction is an authorised dealer. If they are authorised then Sennnheiser Australia will deal with warranty issues. If Analogue Seduction is not  an authorised dealer then I am on my own.


Sennheiser Australia has offered to sell me 2 new drivers for a cost of $173.00 but they will not be a matched pair as a new HD 650 should have.


I have searched the internet for a list of "authorised Sennheiser dealers" but all I find is the "error 404 page" It seems that Sennheiser do not publish any list of authorised dealers, so buying from an authorised dealer is more than difficult.


The packaging that the HD 650 is shipped in has no security measures, so any buyer could be buying a used pair or a tampered with pair of headphones. Sennheiser Australia thinks this situation is ok as authorised dealers are trustworthy, and customers should only buy from authorised dealers, even though a list of authorised dealers does not exist so customers do not know if any dealer is actually authorised.


I am now the owner of a pair of HD 650 headphones that I just can't enjoy listening to, and they cost me $425.00

If I buy the new drivers from Sennheiser (the only way to be sure that I am getting new drivers) the total cost of the headphones will be $598.00


So buyer beware, if you buy new headphones form a non authorised dealer you will have no support from Sennheiser and you might be sold old stock that might have been used and abused or even modified, and Sennheiser will offer no support other than to sell you parts to repair the headphones.



Sucks to hear that mate. You should have bought from an Aussie store and supported our local businesses. I live near Addicted to Audio and bought all of my gear from them. I know for a fact they are an authorised Senn dealer (got both the HD 650 and HD 800 from them and both have arrived in perfect condition and sounded gorgeous) and if you call them up, usually they can give you a better price than what's listed on the site. Furthermore, it's free shipping around Oz. I'm a little biased cos I've only bought from them and they've treated me well, but I am sure other places like Jaben can provide a similar service. Since they are all authorised dealers, if the company ever goes bankrupt, you can just give Sennheiser Australia a call and the warranty is still valid. Hope Analogue Seduction turns out to be ok for you but it sounds like you got jibbed. frown.gif

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arent u sitting infront with the princess

Cheap seats wink.gif

I think my point was that even live music, which we strive to recreate in our audio enthusiasms is compromised by outside factors, so chose you preferred compromise when buying... smily_headphones1.gif
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I'm stoked to finally be able to post here as an owner.  I've heard the HD650 a half dozen times over the last 5 or 6 years, and always loved them, but always have had a greater need for closed cans.  I finally decided to spend a bit of money I don't have, and buy a mint used pair.  I love these headphones.  The slightly warm yet detailed sound signature is right up my alley.  A nice compliment to my Mr. Speakers Mad Dogs.

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Congrats!! We now have the same collection. biggrin.gif

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Congrats!! We now have the same collection. biggrin.gif

Cool, I didn't know that.  With the MD's and the HD650's, are to me very complimentary - if you like the sound signature of one, you will probably like the other.  Not different enough if you are looking for a couple of really different sound signatures.  The MD's + HD650's are kinda like dating sisters (or brothers, I'll be gender and lifestyle neutral), rather than having a racy mistress lover on the side...

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would u say the MD is like a closedcan version of the 650?

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They are in the same neighborhood but still quite different. A planar hp will always constitute a different sound signature than a dynamic driver hp. At the end of the day they are both very good hp's. 


The strengths of the hd650 would be the natural and lifelike mids and relaxing play anything well signature. 


For the Maddog, it has a wonderfully neutral signature while have true audiophile linear bass. I love the way the bass comes up from nowhere to match the recording. You'll forget how weighty and textured the sub bass can be on these until you throw on some EDM and feel your jaw hit the floor. 

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Originally Posted by MattTCG View Post

Congrats!! We now have the same collection. biggrin.gif

Another member of the MD + HD650 Club. Does Aaron have two pairs of Mad Dogs as well?
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