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As for wearing open cans outside ... took my SR225i to gym (don't have balls to take there HD650) and my music was as loud as "local music" playing there . Nobody said a word to me, had great workout, but guess it's not ideal biggrin.gif
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True, the HD650's are more suited for home use. But they work pretty well walking in between classes. I mean, Aldrich Park is pretty quiet...

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nah i think i will get something like beats for walking to class :)

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Originally Posted by jazzerdave View Post


You could check the FS forums.  There are always some balanced HD580/600/650 cables up for sale.

Not really sure what to look for in the cable. Will most 4pin xlr cables be the same? As i'm seeing options from headphile for like $120 vs other ones $300 etc.



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^^^IMO when it comes to custom cables the most important things to look for are length, comfort (mainly from flexibility and type of braid/sleeving used), aesthetics, and only then sound. In my limited experience you have to rely on others first hand experience to help you decide which cables are best at the above. I put sound last cause honestly I don't hear much if any difference from the cables I have used. The differences in price come from either materials used(premium plugs and silver/copper/plated wire) or the just the name on a cable. Again this is only in my opinion as someone with just a few different custom cables.

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Not sure why, but it seems like my HD-650 benefits more from my amp and DAC than the Q701. I mean with the HD-650 I'm somehow able to detect every single change with my setup just like my DJ100. As long as my Q701 gets enough power and has a decent DAC it's OK. I think the Q701 deserves more than a Magni/O2/E9 though. I could be perfectly happy with the Q701 on the E9 though(!).


I have to admit though that my HD-650 sounds decent from my overpowered old Ipod 3G. I was listening to my HD-650 a few weeks ago just from that thing. I think it sounds rather bad out of a Sansa Fuze or Clip+. Much too warm for my preferences. I think they're probably warmer than the Ipod 5.5G. My Ipod Touch 2G is perfect since I find it VERY cold and analytical. Even more so than the Modi and ODAC. My Ipod 3G (monochrome) is warmer than the Ipod Touch 2G but sounds smoother and has a larger soundstage.


Q701 I love, but lately the HD-650 is growing on me more and more. Maybe someday i'll prefer it to the Q701. I definitely like it more than the 65th Anniversary K702 but not everyone will. I'm fine with the bass on the HD-650. I never have any problems with it's treble either. This HD-650 sounds totally smooth with no weird peaks.


Anyone using the HD-650 with the Modi? I'm loving it with that DAC and prefer it over the HRT MSII and ODAC by far. It's sounds pretty close to the ODAC to me. I think both are very transparent. There's a few tiny things that made me sell the ODAC and keep the Modi. Modi has a better soundstage and sounds smoother in the mids.


The thing I like the most about the HD-650 is that nearly everything in my collection sounds good on it. I know that might be a mild coloration, but I don't care. You can definitely tell which songs are of poor quality (or low bitrate) but harsh/fatiguing tracks are not really a major problem on the HD-650.


I have no interest in upgrading my amp to anything else. The Headroom Micro is perfect for it and the Q701. I even prefer it to the Magni, Asgard1 and E9. I do want to try the Bifrost DAC sometime. I want to try to get rid of USB in my setup first if I can. I really don't listen to enough music to need a $400+ amp. I couldn't hear much difference between the Modi and ODAC so I hope i'll have some luck hearing a difference between the Modi and Bifrost.


It seems also that with all my headphones the biggest improvement in soundstage size has always been from the DAC and not so much from the amp. The HD-650 clearly has a better and larger soundstage than my HD-580/600. I know some may think that's nonsense. I've compared it a lot. The HD-598 definitely has the HD-650 beat in soundstage size, but it's probably less accurate and has worse imaging. I don't really have any interest in comparing them. The HD-598 does sound good though and it's not going anywhere. It never gets any use with my HD-650/Q701 around. The 598 definitely sounds better with no external amp compared to the HD-650 though. Well duh.


Another thing... I listen to a ton of female vocals (mostly Jpop) and they never sound distant or recessed on the HD-650 (unless it's that way IN the recording). They do sound a little more up-front on the Q701 of course. I think i've always preferred female vocals on the HD-650 compared to the HD-600. You'd think they'd be better on the HD-600, but not really. The HD-600 supposedly has more upper mids but I definitely am not hearing it.

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Thanks for your impressions tdockweiler! I just ordered the Modi/Magni stack and I'm looking to try the HD650 for my main cans. Did you find the Magni deficient in some way with them? Also, how would you compare the HD650 to the K792/65? Both in sound and in comfort/fit?
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Originally Posted by BruinAnteater View Post

UCI alum?

hahah yuuup




"Under Construction Indefinitely" is basically what UCI was. I'm not sure how it is now, but the business building was just built when I was there (although I never got to use it, I was a bio major) 

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Originally Posted by teofilrocks View Post

Thanks for your impressions tdockweiler! I just ordered the Modi/Magni stack and I'm looking to try the HD650 for my main cans. Did you find the Magni deficient in some way with them? Also, how would you compare the HD650 to the K792/65? Both in sound and in comfort/fit?

Nope not at all. I really like the Magni and own it but rarely use it. Right now I'm using it with my Xbox 360 for gaming.

I prefer the Micro Amp just a little more so that's still my main amp.

For the HD-650 I definitely prefer the Magni to the E9. For the Q701, either one is fine. It wouldn't be worth switching from an E9 to the Magni for the Q701.


As for the K702 65th..I only have the Q701 with 65th pads and people tell me it's 100% identical in sound. This is from 2-3 that have had both the Q701 and 65th.


To me my HD-650 has more treble and better bass than the 65th. Sounds clearer too. I also prefer the HD-650 with female vocals. It seems that with the 65th I gave up some upper mids and treble for more bass and low mids. The K702 65th reminds me more like a giant PX100-II.


Most people should love the 65th Anniversary but I prefer the Q701 or HD-650. Most people say it's like an HD-650 with a larger soundstage, but I'd have to disagree. Maybe I didn't get enough clamping force and the bass suffers. My impressions might be off the usual consensus, but I don't think there really is one yet.


The HD-650 sounds much more balanced to my ears. The low mids of the 65th K702 are kind of annoying with some recordings.


Comfort is about the same really to me. I could use both all day.


I think my problem with the K702 65th is that for my music it's just rather boring. If you listen to a lot of bassy music and prefer bass/low mids to treble and upper mids, it might be a good match. The HD-650 just seems to give me enough of everything. With the 65th I gave up too much upper mids and treble for such a small increase in bass. It's also not as clear and the soundstage seems even more compressed.


Also, the 65th doesn't really have more sub-bass than the HD-650. It's improved slightly over the Q701, but barely. Seems like mostly mid-bass.


I'm sure this post will annoy some 65th fans, but oh well. It's really all about sound preferences here.

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Ok, good to consider. I think the HD650 is the one I want to try first because 1) I like a slightly darker signature (the HE-400 helped me confirm this), 2) I need a comfy and preferably velour-padded can (and I didn't find the HE400 comfortable enough), 3) sometimes my Beyers are a little fatiguing, and 4) I have a small head and circular pads always seem to leave a gap behind my jaw/ear that oval-shaped pads might reduce.

So, I think I'm ready to go.
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You should definitely give HD650 try.


Magni and Modi is killer combo for 200$ with HD650. They are so comfortable u don't even know you are wearing them after few minutes. They don't have crazy spiky treble as HE-400, they are light as feather and you can listen to them as loud as you are willing to go with your ear health in mind biggrin.gif (What I want to say by this is that ... I like loud music, I guess I listen to pretty loud volume usually and I could go even higher and I would still enjoy it, no earpiercing tones with HD650, but I'am concerned about my hearing after few years so I don't push it to extreme) 


ps: after hearing HD650 from M&M combo, HE-400 didn't enjoy nearly any "head time".

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Excellent! I'm looking forward to it now. Although not at high volumes wink.gif
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I want a HD650!

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Hi... sorry for the off-topic question, but just a couple of days ago, while I disconnected a (really cheap, and terrible) RCA cable (made by Rocketfish; yea, I know... someone just gave it away for free with the amp, so I thought why not) from my DAC, there was a really loud "click" noise from inside the RCA connectors on the DAC - not the cable. 


So, did I break something in the RCA connector inside the DAC? Or are the RCA connectors designed to make that click noise while you unplug/plug the cables? 


I'm afraid I might have broken something in the connector, and thereby affect the sound quality. Anyone with any experience/knowledge in this area? 

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so is the sound quality affected:..?

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