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Originally Posted by donlin View Post
I think a lot of people have worked through the recent wave of more expensive and supposedly better phones and are realizing the new ones aren't actually better, only different. I know I have.
I shall ponder upon your experience as I wade through the torrent of phones more dearer. As certain as I should pause upon a rock to rest and ponder upon the term "prose" and "shakespeare" as neither had more influence to myself as "hollywood" did.
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Well, Brian was in lots of Hollywood productions too.
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Originally Posted by trentino View Post
Bought a pair of HD650 today, I'm so happy
So far I've only tried and compared them to my crappy Sennheiser 202 from the HP out on my Onkyo 606 home receiver, but my god what a difference!
Welcome to the "dark" side.

An HD650 with receiver turned my voom voom sword red. We are united with a hate for the "white" side and the fear of fruit once bitten.
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I got my brand new to me HD650 today. Listening to it now from my Aune office amp and they sound great!

It took me a little while to get used to the sound signature, they are darker and more laid back than my A-T headphones especially in the mids. The sound is just the difference I was looking for!

As everyone has stated this is probably the most comfortable pair of headphones I've ever owned, it even has a leg up on my AD700's in comfort.
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Congrats...and enjoy!
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I've upgraded to the 800's but the 650's are still an exquisite headphone nonetheless. They will rock your world with the WA6SE maxxed.
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Can anyone comment on which amp to get for these; choosing between:

Little Dot MKiii
HiFiMan EF2
Dark Voice 336
MP-301 6V6 Mini Amplifier

Any input on any comparison would be much appreciated!
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Well I doubt anyone has heard them all so no one can tell you for sure which is the best. Give some time for people with one of those amps to respond too .
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Anyone have Balanced HD650? How big does the sound stage get in balanced mode? As big as DT880?
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Originally Posted by donunus View Post
hd650s or an rs1i are definitely in the running to be my next pair of cans in the sub $1000 level. My hd580s are so unbelievably good compared to almost any other headphones Ive heard that a bassier variant with more refinement like the HD650 is a definite must have. Who knows they might end up being the only one i will listen to.
Wow... you couldn't get more different, sound-signature-wise. That said, both are perfectly fantastic cans depending on one's tastes.
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donunus has kinda tried everything .
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Nothing wrong with getting some thorough perspective, right?!
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Err maybe. I think donunus crossed the insanity line a few years ago by the sounds of it . Oh well, at least he isn't a hoarder....
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He could be lying.
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