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Presonus Central Station is gaining a small following here, ( $499 US )
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Add the MBL 1611E - $21,450
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u missed englands audionote dac
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Add the Monarchy M24 Dac for $980 via Audiogon (new). This dac is one of the best I've heard. It is way better then the Lavry or Benchmark at the same price.
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Thanks, keep the dacs comming in....

if you have any information i should put up about the dac (for example, you might own the MF x dac and know what's in it)... it would be helpful if you were to post it
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This is looking good, but be sure to organize the specs for each DAC in the same format (Such as non-oversampling vs. sampling first, DAC chip second, etc.).
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No longer being made, but the Esoteric D-07 and EMM Labs non SE DACs are fairly recent and continue to be available on Audiogon.

You have the D-03 at $1,500 and $13,000... the MSRP is $13,200.

Another DAC for you... Audio Logic 34MXL.
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nice job man.
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you might want to consider adding the MBL 1611 (D & E versions) MSRP @ 20K but can be had ~ 10-13K on audiogon. This DAC/CD (1621) combo is heralded as being amazing and the absolute sound for this month has stated that is has the best RBCD playback EVER (beating out Zanden, Esoteric, EMM, etc...) But that is just an opinion. I am auditioning it tomorrow. I'm not as thrilled with my EMM Labs combo as I thought I'd be and I'm looking into other choices.

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This one deserves to be STICKY!!!. Man, what a simple solution to the jungle of DACS!!.
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Yeah if there ever was a "black hole" topic... its DACs, their synnergy and all that. Big mystery to me, but thats kind of what makes it fun too.

granodemostasa... I think the Entech URL is incorrect for the 203.2. As far as I know??

Wouldn't it be great to have a picture archive too?... Internal and external pics?

If you want I can take my 205.2 apart and send pics of the inside.
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There are some Sonic Frontiers DACs that IMHO are worthy of being mentioned on this list. They are an older company and discontinued however.
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you guys may have to wait for me to update it... cause it's midterm week.
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The Beresford TC-7510 also deserves a mention, if only because a few of us on head-fi have one.
Price including shipping to anywhere in the world is quoted at £100. That's about U$170 odd.
It's the two optical IN, two coax IN, and two analog OUT, plus headphone socket that did it for me at first. And then I found out that it also sounded a lot better than the price suggested. Loads of bangs for my bucks .
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$250000 for a DAC??!

the japanese love to go extreme dont they?
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