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Originally Posted by beerguy0 View Post
Binaural recording and single-point stereo are not the same.
Yup, that's why I said "The recording wasn't actually binaural, but does seem to use single-point technique". The use of two mics close together is the point of comparison.
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Originally Posted by Uncle Erik View Post

The best binaural piece out there is this:

HECTOR BERLIOZ: Symphonie fantastique; Love Scene from Romeo et Juliette - Cincinnati Sym. Orch./Paavo Jarvi - Telarc SACD-60578

Unfortunately, you need some gear to access it. This is a SACD and you need a multichannel SACD player to get the binaural track. When they recorded this, they stuck a Neumann head (one of the best) up in the balcony and used it to record the rear channels. So if you put this disc on and jack your headphone amp into channels 4 and 5 on your SACD player, you get binaural bliss. On a nice DSD SACD, no less. This is the best recording I've heard. You are there and it's creepily real.


Okay, I got this SACD. But which channels translate into channels 4 and 5? Are they the two surround outputs or the center and surround out or what?

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I got bitten by the same bug.  I dig and google alot so here is what I have found.


Chesky Binaural Plus (obvious ones)

Couple of Can albums - flow motion and saw delight

Ottmar liebert - up close

Old Audio Stax if you can find them, i have found space and Klassik

Society of sound has three up right now.. join and grab em

A few Zenph piano reperformance albums are binaural

From the caves of iron mountain is supposed to be good I dont know

The Fourth River: The Millennium Revealed

Imperial Bells of China by Hubei Song Dance Ensemble 

Come Gentle Night: The Music of Shakespeare's World w/Ensemble Gallilei

Louisiana Repertory Jazz Ensemble Golden Age of New Orleans


Some of these are in the mail.... I believe they are all binaural.  I would love to see other people list more....

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I have this one :


A Liverpool / UK rock band in the 80's with Albie Donnelly on sax.

Live they seriously rocked the house !



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wondering what the record label for the album is... is it audio stax?  If so I am not finding much by googling

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Here you go :

google:  " supercharge stax CD "



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many thanks I ordered it and a couple of other binaurals, hope they ship to the US.

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Is there any truth to binaural frequencies and their purported effects on the brain? Like the example in this video:



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