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IC: Singlepower ES-1 with lots of very nice tubes

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IC: Singlepower ES-1 The king of the electrostats


ES-1: One month new. Full version ES-1 model, two box unit, same condition as when I took the unit out of Mikhail’s big wooden crate with all of the packing. Will ship with original crate and packing. PM me for price.

WHY AM I SELLING? Ask my wife. Stepping down in class. Looking for inner peace. PM me.

UPGRADES: Silver wiring audio section. PM me.

Many outstanding tubes included.

6 Telefunken 12AX7 tubes (my 1st stage favorite) paid $65 each= $390
6 Kenrad 6SN7 VT231 $60 each (my 2nd stage favorite)$360
4 Tungsol 6BL7GT tubes $15 each(Mikhail likes these in the 1st stage.)=$60
4 Sylvania 6SN7GT tubes $40 each=$160
5 Tungsol 5687 D Getters tubes $60 each=$300
4 NOS Mullard EL34 XF2 tubes. various markings. (Worth about $125 each, I think) Mikhail says all made by Mullard in the 1950s. Third row, gorgeous sound.=$500
12 5814 (12AU7s) tubes, Got them in a trade. Say $100

2 12AX7 adapters $99 each=$198
2 5687 adapters $99 each=$198

The following photos are from Adrian and his wonderful camera:

USA shipping only.
Pay with Paypal (You pay 3% fee), USPS Money order, personal check
You pay for FEDEX shipping. PM me for new price.
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Price dropped from $3795 down to $3595. Let's go I'm ready to deal.

He who blinks loses.
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Big price drop. PM me.
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UP! PMs answered. PMs answered. Lot's of interest, but still for sale. PM me.
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All PMs answered. ES-1 and tubes are still available.
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Y didnt your wife complain 2 months EARLIER!!! ARGhzZZ!!!
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