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i have a SIIG usb soundcard with c-media chip and it sounds fine. idk if this has been mentioned yet- but all these cards can use c-media drivers which add an eq , 3d sound, and eax controls
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So, did anyone pick up one of the sticks from dealextreme?

How do they sound?

From the reviews it seems as though not all of these usb sticks are created equally..
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I got one similar to the original for £2.99 and free p&p.

Its awful.
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The cheaper ones at dealextreme don't use cmedia.
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Nagasaki_kid: Ok, thanks.

I need to find one that does use C-media for my laptop, I suppose.
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I bought this at around 4 USD, it does improve sound IF and ONLY if your existing sound card is crap as HELL. It also amplifies a bit, albeit low quality. Too much bass roll off, some hissing and somewhat grainy
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Originally Posted by c0mfortably_numb View Post
Great review for those with older laptops, and limited budgets......

I had a laptop allot like yours it was a used Compaq Armada M700, the sound was snap crackle and pop, and was even worse with my wireless card. Thankfully or un-thankfully how ever you want to look at it, it died a horrible death I couldn't fix (a/c modulator on the mobo) last year, So with little to no money I purchased yet another beater used laptop as I don't think I will ever be able to afford a new one, thankfully the used IBM T23 has passable sound and no snap, crackle and pop
i see a Pink Floyd fan?..nice username.

isnt the Turtle USB Soundcard also a $10 device?
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Has anyone who ordered from LED shoppe happy?

it's $5 shipped there right now
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So I ordered three of these... I think just to take them apart

Mine show up "SSS" USB sound driver in XP. Any advice on how to get hte most out of them? Can I bypass part of it and get a decent line out?

Image attached
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