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Nick Drake in Stereophile

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Hi all;

There's an article on Nick Drake in the recent Stereophile. I thought it was quite well balanced and informative.

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mackay, could you tell me which issue? Thanks!
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MacDef, it's the sept. issue.
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If you have not heard the new super-bit-mapped remasters of Five Leaves Left, Bryter Later and Pink Moon please give them a listen. Not only is the music itself well conceived and beautiful, but the remastering is superb. IMHO.
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morph, where did you see the SBM remasters? I have the remastered box set -- are these even newer remasters? If so, ugh -- I have to buy three *more* copies of these albums
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I bought them at Borders. I believe they are the same as in the box set, but I am not absolutely positive. Each one has a seperate cardboard cover over the plastic CD case. They are distributed by Hannibal and have the numbers HNCD 4434, HNCD 4435, and HNCD 4436 for Five Leaves Left, Bryter Later and Pink Moon, respectively. I was actually going to buy the box set but then I decided to buy them 1 at a time so I could fully appreciate each one now that I rediscovered Nick. I'm not sure if I am going to buy Time of No Reply. How do you like that one compared to the others?
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I own the box set, and I don't recall it saying anything about SBM. There was a sticker on the box that said something like: "Newly re-mastered with 24-bit resolution". 24 bits on a 16 bit CD? Who knows.

Time of No Reply sadly has NOT been remastered. Several of the songs are home demos taped on very lo-fi equipment so they would not really benefit anyway.

However, TONR contains songs from Drake's fabled "last session", recorderd AFTER Pink Moon by the same excellent engineer that did all his stuff. These songs are harrowing, frightening, mournful, and raise the hair on the back of your neck even more than Pink Moon. "Black Eyed Dog", Nick's "farewell" to the world is absolutely essential and is on TONR. One wishes that track at least was remastered. Positively chilling. When you ponder how someone capable of creating such beauty could despair so deeply at the end, you can't help but be moved deeply.

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Whew, looks like I have the latest (markl is remembering when I bought these, me trying to figure out if they were the remasters ).

As for TONY, mark is right on -- the sound quality isn't nearly as good, but there is some great stuff on there.

I would recommend that you get the box set, if only because the included book is great.
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O.K. You both have convinced me. Next time I am at Borders I will buy Time of No Reply. But I am not going to buy the box set just for the booklet. I have the Stereophile article and my memory to tell me the rest.
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