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Audigy Australian Launch Tomorrow Need Head-Fizers' Input!

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Hey guys,

We're attending the launch of the Creative Audigy tomorrow! Are there any questions you guys would like to ask?

If your question is chosen we'll ask it at the launch tomorrow and I'll transcribe your response and post it on the board.

Here is your big chance...
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Drill and grill them over just what the hell did they do to Aureal's technology! If they're gonna take 'em over, by God they'd better put that technology to good use...cause it blows their own EAX technology out of the water!
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We'll ask that question and let you know...
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Can you also check out their new speakers .. especially the MegaWorks 510D?
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Yeah, I second Vertigo's question, A3D beats the snot out of EAX! As for my question, will the Audigy cards have the option to output a non-upsampling digital out, unlike the Live?
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evilcthul: I guess, asking them, whether the 44.1-to-48kHz-resampling can be switched off this time, would be interesting. And if the answer is "no", try asking them why... I'd like to hear their excuse. If there's no excuse, then we'll definitely know, that this is not an audiophile company. (Ok, we already know that by now, but then it's confirmed... ))

Grinnings from SF!

Manfred / Lini
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Yes, make sure you ask them about 44 to 48 upsampling. On the Creative tech support newsgroup for Audigy, they seemed to indicate that 44 would not be upsampled, but later they seemd to say that 44 was somehow tied to being used with MiniDisc players. I didn't understand that.

I would like to get this information in writing. Does anyone know of any white paper or other technical documentation that you can get with SBLive? Nothing really comes with it. I can't find anything on their site. Ask them if they will give us some technical documents.
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As for the technical documents/whitepapers I'll try to get you guys a set in DOC/PDF format. I already thought there was something available but I may be wrong. I don't think full technical papers have been released yet. I have the press release somewhere but it doesn't say much.

As for the upsampling questions that has been noted down. We'll ask it and let you know...
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We've come and gone from the launch and believe it or not no one knew the answers to those two questions! They've relayed them to the Audigy design team and we should get a reply soon.
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Figures. The only Audigy people there were probably from marketing. And what do you wanna bet the answer to our first question will be, "Uhh, what's A3D? <slides Aureal-buyout form under rug> We've been developing this brand new EAX for a long time!"
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