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Francis bought an RWA Signature 3S switch box. He paid quickly. Excellent communication. There was an issue with some scratches on the selector switch which I didn't notice. He and I were able to work it out. It was a pleasure dealing with him.
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Repeat transaction with fkclo, this time I sold him some RS-1's. Communication was flawless throughout and payment was swift, couldn't ask any more of a buyer. In addition, Francis is a fine gentleman with discerning tastes, a real benefit to the head-fi community. I look forward to dealing with him again in the future.
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Just transacted some tube dampers from fkclo, fast and painfree transacation with everyting arriving well packed and in at least as good a condition as stated.
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I bought a couple of dampers from Francis. He answered questions, gave me several updates on shipping status, and was a pleasure to deal with. The dampers are also awesome!
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Bought some HALO tube damping rings from Francis. Dealing with Francis was a pleasure, as it has been before.
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I've bought a pair of Crystal Clear Audio Cable Signature 2 from Francis. At first I wasn't sure if this is the cable for me, but Francis generously provided his comment on the cable which was extremely useful.

He's a very communicative seller, which you can have problem-free transaction with him, guaranteed!

Thanks Francis!

I'm auditioning the cable, so far, I'm impressed! It beats the Kimber Select 1010 in terms of naturalness and tonal balance!
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Bought a laptop soundcard from him. A simple and flawless transaction. He is highly recommended.
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Francis bought my beloved ATH L3000.
It was a pleasure dealing with him, really nice guy, highly recommended
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Francis is a great HeadFier to deal with. Have a pleasant transaction with him. He is a top notch person.
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Another terrific Head-Fi'er! I peppered Francis with a bunch of questions about the digital IC he had up for sale and digital ICs in general. He generously answered all my questions and offered options and opinions that could've led me to not purchasing his cable. In the end I did and I'm very satisfied with my decision. Even though the cable was shipped from Hong Kong (I'm in the states) it arrived quickly and thanks to his careful packaging, the cable was in perfect condition. Great transaction all around!
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Purchasing my Revelation Audio Labs-enhanced Zu Mobius headphone cable from Francis was one of the best online purchasing experiences I have had. He answered all questions accurately and honestly, and did so extremely quickly. Shipping was insanely fast for an internationally-shipped item. The headphone cable was protected well while shipping, and arrived in excellent condition, and of course, sounds really nice too .
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Musical Fidelity A3.5 CD Player, Shunyata cord, Statmat CDi Blue, 3 audiophile CDs

I bought a MF A3.5 CD Player, Shunyata power cord, a Statmat CDi Blue CD treatment, and three audiophile CDs from Francis. What I received, though, was a fantastic exchange of conversations on the products, transport treatments, and guidance on how to get the most out of my purchases.

Francis is an exceptional HeadFi-er.

As has been indicated in other feedback, he is polite, detailed, supportive and truly looks after your interests. The shipping was incredibly fast, the packing outdid any professional packing I've seen in the freight industry and communication was like he was just next door.

I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Thanks for everything, Francis. I look forward to further conversations.
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Another quick and easy transaction with Francis on a Zu power cord, arrived in great shape, thanks!
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just bought GS-1000's from him,

Great responsibility+super fast delivery!!

plus, he's the only HK headfier i knew so far

Let's arrange the meet then

he he

^ ^
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Bought TU881CD from Francis, very well packed and shipped quickly. Great communication throughout the transaction. Would definitely do business with again
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