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Bought IC's from Francis

Francis was excellent to do business with. Prompt, clear communication. Very fast shipping. DiMarzio cables arrived in perfect condition. A+ all the way!
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Dear Head-Fiers,

I want to Highly Recommend our friend Francis Fkclo:
a very nice person and an excellent seller.

Fast and accurate.

It was a pleasure to do business with him.

Thanks Francis.
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bought some cables from dear Francis

Francis is honest and a trusting seller . You can consult him and appeal to his sense of reason. Definitely an audiophile You can vouch that he has been through some gears to know his two cents worth. Great cables.

Thanks Francis
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Really thankful for your encouragement. And I do hope you enjoy the AKG K240 Anniversary Edition.

Also appreciate your time introducing MoneyGram to me, which give me one more option to consider when it comes to funds transfer.

Thanks again.

Originally Posted by WertherDVX View Post
Dear Head-Fiers,

I want to Highly Recommend our friend Francis Fkclo:
a very nice person and an excellent seller.

Fast and accurate.

It was a pleasure to do business with him.

Thanks Francis.
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Bought two interconnects from Francis. He was very patient and answered all my emails quickly. He's also very sincere when giving out opinions about the cables.

He's simply a great person to deal with.
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Bought a VD Testament coaxial digital cabel from fkclo.

Thanks fkclo for prompt shipment and careful packing, the cable is in excellent condition. It's a pleasure to do business with fkclo.
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Bought a Kimber Kable mini to mini and a Silver Dragon 1/4 to mini cable from fkclo. Great guy to deal with. Prompt shipper and everything was very well packaged.
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I bought several cable from Francis without any problem. He was very help with my selection and even educated me about them. Great person to deal with, highly recommended. Thanks a lot Francis.
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One smooth transaction. Another quality International Head-Fier whom I'm please to have the pleasure in dealing with. Thanks so much Francis!
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I sold Francis my EarMaxSilverEdition - a deal which had to be based on trust on both sides, as I am based in Germany, he in Hongkong. Communication was excellent, a deal was reached, Francis paid immediately via Paypal, and received the amp five days later. A good deal, and a partner I can highly recommend.
Florian Hassel
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I bought ATA and W&M Interconnects from him and very happy. Super person to deal with and offers super deals. I didn't have enough money to pay at first but he offered to send the interconnects before payment is received anyway and I can pay once I have enough. What more can I say? Will definintly buy from him again. Highly recommended.
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Great transaction!

I bought Shellbrook Ascent Signature amp, KSC 75 and nice IC from Francis. Not only I received great shape items but he even upgraded to express mailing with insurance at his cost because it was mailed later than he promised. Great buying experience from Francis all the way from Hong Kong. He will keep his promises, I will buy from him again at next opportunity without any hesitation. Thanks.
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Very nice time dealing with another Head-Fi member for the first time. He made sure the package (RSA Hornet original version) was well padded for its trip overseas (China to USA). And wow, did he ever! It looked like a fluffed bomb package, and my dad's students kept asking him every period if it was one.

He held my hand kindly through the whole transition, emailing me back and forth at nights ensuring when my money went through and all my nervous questions.

Also, I asked if it came with the pouch, and he said no. But when I opened the RSA box, it turns out he searched his house for a suitable pouch just for me!

Such quality service and kindness is very rare to find these days, and Francis' business ethics are above and beyond many companies and people.

Thanks, Francis!
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Thanks, TheMarchingMule

Hi TheMarchingMule,

Thank you very much for the kind words and I am indeed flattered by your praise

And certainly I will review my packaging to make sure that the bomb squard is called in next time I send something to the states

Once again, it has been a very enjoyable process selling my Hornet, and hope you have a lot of fun with it.

Warm regards,
F. Lo
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Francis bought some tubes from me. His is a nice gentleman and paid insanely fast. Communication is perfect. It was a great pleasure to do business with him. I'm very happy with the transaction and would recommend him to my fellow Head-Fiers.

Francis, let me know when you receive the tubes.

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