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marantz pm6100sa

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can some1 plz give me a RRP on this amp and thoughts if any
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okie i found out the cost
its 1100 aussie or 550 US

but doesnt ne1 know how good it is with other amps in this price range?
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ctn: Can't you get the PM8000, anymore? I'd really recommend this one...

Greetings from SF!

Manfred / Lini
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hey lini

dont confuse the 6100sa with the lesser 6010ose

the pm8000 cost about 250US more than the 6100sa

abit over my price range hehe
coz i wanna get a better pair of floorstanders
prob the tannoy r2's

btw do u know how r things going over in the states?
i really feel for those over there
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Ctn: I haven't heard the 6100SA yet. I'm not even sure whether it's already available in Germany. Do you know whether it's class b or a? But it's a pity that the PM8000 is so expensive in Oz.

Greetings from SF!

Manfred / Lini

P.S.: Well, I don't really know about the situation. It seems to calm down a little, but I guess it's not over yet - as definite knowledge (number & identity) about the victims will slowly spread now. So I'd think there will be a lot more grief and pain - and hatred against the terrorists.
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im not really sure

check this link out



the 6010ose is very cheap compared to the 6100sa

again about 250US cheaper than it

ps: personally i hope they dont find the idiots that did this as it mite start a world war and more will die
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Ctn: Interesting - but I'm sure I haven't seen this unit in Germany, yet. And I'm not sure if I ever will, because it looks just like the PM8200, which is the "successor" of the PM8000 at home in Germany (and weighs 4 kg less; apparently comes without class a mode as well - glad, I've got the "big iron" in time... )). Anyway, I'm sure it's a good amp following the Marantz tradition. It has even got WBT speaker terminals as it seems...

Greetings from SF!

Manfred / Lini
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yap it does...the shop dude was telling me about it

but wat is wbt connections?
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btw i also noticed that the 6100sa doesnt have gold plated connectors...is this a big deal?
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Ctn: WBT is a German manufacturer of high quality connectors - their speaker terminals are among the best on the market. But I'm a little suprised that Maratz doesn't use gold jacks on this unit. But maybe they use a palladium plating instead, which would be equally good.

Btw, what most people don't know is that most gold connectors on the market also have a nickel layer beneath. This is necessary, because a thin gold layer would just diffuse into the metal below because of the current - it's not necessary for comparatively thick gold layers, though.

Greetings from SF!

Manfred / lini
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kool ill ask the dude

man he 6100sa is 1 huge amp and weighs in at 7.5kg

its either this or the 38w rega brio or the 35w redgum

i cant decide

speakers r most deff the tannoy r-2's
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Ctn: Yeah, I really trust in the PM8000's twelve Kilograms. And you can trust me, that these were hard to carry... Especially two of them. Together with some two CD6000OSEs. And some JM Lab speakers... Plus cables... I'll never be the same man... It was like then, when we were children and had to walk 1 mile to school through 5 foot deep snow and there was nothing to eat and.... (I'm just trying to train for when I'll once be 70 years old and want to fool my grandchildren with some stories I make up - starting with something true and then adding one cliché after the other... Sorry, this was a distraction I just had to follow... ))

Well, in fact, yes - I think Marantz is one of the amp makers besides NAD and Rotel, where you get most audiophile bang for reasonable buck.

Greetings from SF!

Manfred / lini
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wow u must have some serious $$$

shat 12kg???? wonder if they using silver or copper sinks

im curious what interconnects/speaker cables r u using in ur setup? im just using some jaycar interconnects.

hehe when we were young...man those days were fun
wonder y back then school was like so tuff to get thru
too many fights lol

wasnt too long ago too hehe...im 21 now well 22 in a few days

btw what do u think of redgum or rega when compared to marantz, nad and rotel?

every review i read about rega and esp redgum gave it praise for the natural sound u get for the price
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