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Originally Posted by Bob_McBob
Oddly enough, I found this news story with a photo of a...
I find linking a coffee store story with photo/quotes of a person with a name similar to "Patricia Schreyer", to this thread questionable and unsound. Reminded me of the US westerns where persons are lynched on the slightest suspicion by a mad frenzied crowd, only later to find the lynched person didn't have any reason to be lynched. If the pictured female is on your personal, private "persons of interest" list due to the police's certified application of applied and honed forensic skills and them officially stating this is a person of interest, that's one thing, but to put what appears to be a private citizen's personal accusation in a public forum seems flat out wrong and potentially damaging and injurious.

Perhaps nothing makes it a good day for some like sullying the reputation of someone on a suspicion due to a name similarity. Who knows how the scammer chose the name he/she used in Head-fi, and what the scammer's real identity is? Guess all the Smith's are lucky they weren't involved.

Now, wouldn't it be an interesting turn if the person in the photo/article earned a tidy $um from a Head-Fi related slander suit and was able to afford a primo heaphone rig? That would make for an interesting article, with photo.
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Bob McBob,

I tend to's probably not the best idea in the world to post something like that.

I understand your frustration, and I really hope that you're able to come up with some useful information and get your money back. That said, let's imagine the perp's name in this case was John Smith and you happened to find a random John Smyth listed in the newspaper from the same general geography and posted it here. I don't know that we've accomplished much more than maligning someone who happened to be unlucky enough to get their picture in the paper.

In the interest of fairness, you might consider taking it out of your post.
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All I was saying is that it's an interesting coincidence, which is true. I'm obviously not suggesting that the woman is the article is the person who scammed us or anything like that. Perhaps the scammer knows her somehow. There are only two Schreiers and 14 Schreyers in the White Pages in all of BC, and only six of them are even in or near the Vancouver area. Also, her friend attends the same university "Pat" claimed to attend. Hence the "oddly enough" and no accusation of anything.
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Originally Posted by monkeymadness
I was negotiating with him/her as well for the Shure E500s about 4-5 weeks ago. She told me she's studying in Prince George at UNBC and previously UBC (if that helps anyone).

So she agreed to sell them to me for $330. I asked for her phone number to finalize the deal and get some more verification about her address etc... and that was the last time I heard from her.

Things seemed fine until then and when she stopped contacting me I assumed she sold to someone else.

I'm really sorry this happened to you guys! I truly realize how close I came to being one of the victims. It was only my pressure to get more info that seemed to have saved me.

People like them make me sick!
I go to UNBC. If you want, I can try to help you guys contact her in person.

I would be glad to be of assistance to this wonderful community.
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Thanks for the offer cvince, but I don't think pursuing this further will result in anything useful happening, unless another user has more information on "Pat". I just got of the phone to Visa, and they are crediting me back the payment I sent. I hope everyone else paid on a credit card and is able to recover their funds.

This is a good reminder that you should always ask for information from the seller: photos of the item and an address and phone number where you can reach them. Note that monkeymadness asked for a phone number and was able to avoid being scammed.
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Nov. 02, 2006 C/B PAYPAL *PATSCHREY $206.54

What a load off my mind!
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Good on Paypal for getting your money back!
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Originally Posted by cvince
Good on Paypal for getting your money back!
Good on Visa, PayPal didn't get a single penny back
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Last update:

As far as I can tell, this is completely resolved for me. My bank was happy to do the chargeback, and a couple of days later I got an e-mail from PayPal inviting me to cancel it if it was in error (yeah right). I had an open chargeback dispute (which is handled the same way as other PayPal disputes) for a few weeks, and they eventually decided in my favour (didn't contest the chargeback with Visa) after being unable to contact "Pat". I haven't had any grief from PayPal about the money they lost because of it, but I'm still keeping an eye on my balance. I believe my bank said it could take up to 60 days to be fully resolved, which means I am in the clear now.

I'm curious to know how other people fared with recovering their money. This is why you should ALWAYS pay with a credit card online -- PayPal's buyer protection is a joke.
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