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patschreyer (Patricia Schreyer)

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I bought some Grado SR-225s from Pat on September 1, and I have yet to see any evidence she actually shipped them to me. All I have received from her is a fake Purolator tracking number. She claims she re-sent the headphones by Canada Post, but will not provide a tracking number. She only replies to my e-mails when I threaten to dispute the payment with PayPal, which I have been forced to do now. I have done everything I can to resolve this amicably, but at this point it seems likely she has no intention of shipping anything.

I am concerned for other head-fi members, as I know at least one other person must have sent her around $400 for some Shure E500s she was advertising. If you are this individual, I would appreciate if you got in touch with me.
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I can't seem to find a for sale post for Grado 225s by this person. Where is it? There's a couple of ads for "new" Shure earbuds however, which both now say "sold".

I noticed their member profile says their 20 years old, yet in this post http://www6.head-fi.org/forums/showp...3&postcount=33 they claim to be 30 years old. It doesn't look good.

Did you get a phone number, address, etc. from them?
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Pat contacted me in response to a WTB ad I posted on the for sale forum. The E500s were obviously bought by another user, which is the main reason why I started this thread. I am generally quite careful about who I buy from online, but I am willing to give people the benefit of the doubt. Pat had established a presence on the site, and was initially very helpful by e-mail and PM. I mistakenly read her join date as 2005, so I didn't give it any thought until I checked again after having trouble with her.

After I sent her the payment, she got in touch with me to let me know that the cable on the Grados was scuffed deeply from the edge of her desk, and offered to either refund my payment or refund a portion of it as compensation. I elected to wait until she could provide a photo of the damage. This was over labour day and the start of lectures, so delays were not unexpected. On September 5, she told me she'd finally managed to borrow a camera, but when she went to take the photo, she noticed it was actually the extension cable that was scuffed, not the headphone cable itself. She finally accepted my PayPal payment at this point, and told me she would send the headphones shortly.

On September 7, she told me she'd sent the headphones by Purolator, upgraded to air because of the delay. The tracking number she provided did not work, and was obviously not a real tracking number. On September 9 she told me she was taking up the matter with Purolator, and would get back to me right away. I did not hear from her right away, of course. On September 11, I sent her a PM. On September 12, I sent her a PM. Finally, on Septemebr 13 I sent her both a PM and e-mail threatening to open a dispute with PayPal, which finally elicited a reply from her.

She told me she'd had some problems with Purolator, but she was re-shipping the headphones by Canada Post. At this point I was quite suspicious, but still prepared to deal with her. I immediately asked for a tracking number, and we exchanged several e-mails on September 14, culimating in her promising a tracking number by 4:30PM. "If not, go ahead and file a complaint, but I'm 99% sure I'll get it to you then." No tracking number arrived, and I have not heard from her since then. I know she has been online on head-fi, and I can see her online on gmail regularly. In fact, she is online right now, but not replying by e-mail or chat. She also hasn't replied to the PayPal dispute, which I've escalated.

Unfortunately I did not bother to get any contact information from her. I am concerned that she may have sold items to other head-fi users beyond the Shures she definitely sold. Hopefully someone else was more vigilant and actually requested a phone number or address.

As I paid by credit card, I am not too concerned, but it looks like my PayPal account is probably ****ed if she has withdrawn the money already and I have to do a chargeback with Visa.
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This sucks...

Hi Bob,

I am still hopeful, but maybe I'm just a schmuck. I ordered the e500s from the above named person and was likewise given a false Purolator PIN. I figured this was just a mistake on her/his part. It has been 8 days with no word. I sent this person an e-mail yesterday and I am waiting for a reply.

I am obviously very naive to internet crime.

I could have spent this money on my 16 month old....

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I clearly stated that my WAP on my phone is very unreliable, and that I may be out of touch for a couple days. I DID send you the tracking number via PM the other day, and I guess it didn't go through.

Now my PayPal account is screwed up. I'm going to put a stop order on the packages now.
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Pat, I do not want to be drawn into a long discussion here, it is not appropriate. I feel I need to add some comments to defend myself from the negative feedback you posted about me in my own feedback thread.

As I have repeatedly told you, I am more than happy to resolve the situation amicably even at this point. I have requested a tracking number numerous times -- it seems your internet access is only screwed up when I ask you to prove you actually sent the headphones. I see you are still online on gmail, so you should have no trouble getting this information to me.

I was very fair in the way I dealt with you, especially considering you were a new user on head-fi (big red flag), new user on PayPal (big red flag), and rarely replied to me after you accepted the payment (big red flag). I don't think a lot of head-fi users would have stuck with you for so long, given these points.

I think you will find there is no way to stop the package if you have actually sent it. If this is the case, please provide me the tracking number I've requested so many times. I will gladly cancel the PayPal claim against you when I actually receive the headphones, which should be on Monday if you actually sent them.
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Are you legit or not Patricia?

Please explain the non-existant PIN. I get a little concerned when a package can not be tracked. Has this package been in transit with a well known courier for 9 days from a place within the the same province?

If this is a legitimate sale, please either send the item or cancel and return the PayPal funds.

I have entered this trade with the best of intentions, and all I ask is to be treated fairly.

Thanks, Adam.
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Shame on you!

I have been very patient. There has been no reply to my messages here, or on the PayPal resolution board. All information given by you has been false and deceitful. You have stolen money from more than one person on this forum and yet continue to be active here.

I have instituted a claim though PayPal and VISA against you for fraud. If there was a method of reliably placing criminal charges against you I would pursue this as you are clearly not interested in resolution.

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Here is an update on my problems with Pat.

As expected, neither Gasdoc nor I received anything. Pat never sent our headphones, and I can only assume she was scamming us from the start. I just received word from PayPal that they decided the claim in my favour (as she didn't reply for 10 days) but were unable to recover anything as she'd already drained her account. I have not heard from Pat since her tirade here on head-fi, and I don't expect to hear from her again. I am in the process of filing a chargeback with my bank, which I suspect may result in the closure of my PayPal account, along with further trouble from them.
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Ripped off $200us !! Damn dead beat seller; patschreyer, do not trust !!

I was supposed to recieve some e500's off of a user on here, his name is patschreyer.

I was to pay 200 upfront and then 130 on delivery of item, that item never came.

He said he shipped it via Purolator, then later said he had problems and had to ship it via Fedex.

All this happened about 4 weeks ago, and no courier in the world take that long, especially when i was told i would recieve it in 3-5 days.

I saw the picture of the box of e500's with his name written on a piece of paper. So definately ssaw it as le-git. I have never recieved any package and it seems patschreyer hasnt even logged on here for 3-4 weeks, and i fear he is logging in undder a new username and about to rip someone else off.

So everyone beware, make sure the seller has feedback !!!!!! In any auction.

This totally sucks, and just made sure everyone knows in case they get ripped off too, it can happen to anyone.


mods, if you can help me in any way i would greatly appreciate it. (I have no idea what you could do, but if you can do anything i would appreciate it)

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Given that we're obviously seeing a pattern here, we've stickied this thread so that it will be the first thing folks see when they open the buyer/seller feedback.
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Originally Posted by JayJayz
I was supposed to recieve some e500's off of a user on here, his name is patschreyer.

I was to pay 200 upfront and then 130 on delivery of item, that item never came.
Not sure if this is intended to be a discussion or a feedback profile? since the other discussion thread was deleted I'll treat it as the former. Mods feel free to edit this out as you please

This "split" pay kind of scam is very common with high $$$ items, and even more so with items that cost a lot to ship and insure. Its VERY common ploy with vintage guitars... its a ploy to intice and lure in the buyer, and its very effective at luring in those buyers who may be "border-line". The seller uses this like dangling a carrot in front of the mule, to get them that last bit of motivation.

Take a vintage guitar, scammer wants $8000 for it.

Scammer contacts buyer and requests $148.84 up front for S/H and insurence. They always ask for an "exact looking" amount to give the illusion that the item is actually being shipped and insurred for a real amount. Seller states that upon receipt of the item the buyer can inspect the item and decide whether or not they really want to keep it. If its not satisfactory return for a full refund. If its OK keep guitar and send remainder of the $8000.

Thats the setup (basically). As a buyer, how can you go wrong?

Buyer sends $148.84 for S/H and insurence, thinking... heck whats $148 compared to the total item cost? No problem, heres the advance payment. Scam is complete. Goods are not shipped and scammer is never heard from again.

You guys/gals should probably pursue a charge-back with your credit card company. I doubt paypal will do anything at this point if the scammer has emptied their PP acct.

Good Luck!! I hope it works out for you all.
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Holy COW!!!

I was negotiating with him/her as well for the Shure E500s about 4-5 weeks ago. She told me she's studying in Prince George at UNBC and previously UBC (if that helps anyone).

So she agreed to sell them to me for $330. I asked for her phone number to finalize the deal and get some more verification about her address etc... and that was the last time I heard from her.

Things seemed fine until then and when she stopped contacting me I assumed she sold to someone else.

I'm really sorry this happened to you guys! I truly realize how close I came to being one of the victims. It was only my pressure to get more info that seemed to have saved me.

People like them make me sick!
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I'm just wondering what the mods can do to stop this using the scammers internet address and the police. I was also scammed by a supposed female member by the name of Kaorin Imanishi (forgot her handle on this forum, but it was banned very soon thereafter) from Edmonton. patschreyer claims to be from Toronto (North York). My scam experience was a hybrid of bob mcbob's and jay jays'. Anyway, I'm guessing that the scammer works out of Canada. I'd be willing to cooperate with the mods and police to catch this scammer who seems to brazenly pop up with a new scam every so often.
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Wow, I thought this whole ordeal was done. I still haven't got my money back because I had to withdraw my PayPal balance, remove my bank account, and have it closed. Next Wednesday I should finally be able to call Visa. Adam (Gasdoc) told me he managed to get everything back from Visa without too much trouble, so I am not worried. Did you manage to get your money back, JayJayz?

It is quite worrying to think that this might be a repeat scammer. "Pat" obviously knew lots about head-fi, based on "her" posts and correspondences with me, so it wouldn't surprise me to learn she'd previously scammed under a different name. I did find out from the mods that she lives in the Vancouver area based on her IP address, but that is about as far as I ever got. Presumably PayPal knows her identity, but they will not reveal it. She claimed to be from North York, ON, but attending UBC for medicine. Oddly enough, I found this news story with a photo of a "Patricia Schreier from Vancouver, and her friend Bria, who appears to attend UBC. Anyhow, there is not much else that can be done at this point, since we have no information to give to the police.
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