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I bought a Grado RA-1 from Max and he was an excellent guy throughout the transaction. He expedited my shipping at no charge and was incredibly communicative throughout the whole process. I wouldnt hesitate to buy from him again.
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I bought an X-Can v3 from Max, and was extremely impressed with the level of service and communication that I received from him. The amp is in mint condition, as promised, and arrived very quickly. He is a true professional, and I would not hesitate to deal with him again.
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I bought a pair of Sennheiser HD-650's w/ Cardas cables from Max.
Arrived the next day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in excellent condition.
Everything was just as described.
Definitely would deal w/ Max again.
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Sold a Turbo Dock to Max. Great transaction. Thanks and enjoy!
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MadMax bought some Militarized Tung Sol 6080WB's from me. Perfect transaction! Only problem, he gushed over them so much when he received them that I want them back!!

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Sold him my RSA Hornet. He had great communication and was a pleasure to deal with. He paid immediately and was honest in his transaction. What more could you ask for? Would deal with him again without reservation. Wonderful Head-Fi member for sure.
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Max sold me his JVC DX1000s and I couldn't be more pleased. The phones arrived as described and he even expedited the shipping at no extra cost. Max is a straight shooter, honest and really great to deal with. Max, you are "The Man"!!! Thanks!!
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Sold a Stef Equinox Senn cable to Max. Couldn't have gone easier. Instant payment, great correspondance. Hope you enjoy the cable Max!
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Gilmore Lite

I sold Max my Gilmore Lite headphone amp - prompt payment, patient regarding shipping date, fun to deal with...what more can you ask for from a buyer? Highly recommended!
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I bought the above Gilmore Lite amp from Max. Excellent communication, very enthusiastic, fun guy. We ran into issues with my PayPal account, for it was brand new, and he was very understanding. Anyway, LIGHTNING fast shipping, overnight, for no extra cost. I can't think of a better seller.
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I bought some Sennheiser HD600s from Max. He was a great seller and communicated well with me... couldn't have asked for more. He also gave me a tracking number when he shipped so I knew when to expect them. Great experience all around.
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seller : madmax7 aka max
buyer ; me ( screwdiver )
item: SAA equinox cable for sennheiser hd600/650

Excellent seller , hassle free transaction fast shipping and great deal from max .
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