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Yes, "The Trigger" is about Gavrilo Princip. The book is essentially a "biography" of the man who assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary thus triggering World War I. The focus is on Princip rather than on the war itself. The writer writes in first person as he travels through Bosnia/Serbia and follows Princip's footsteps from childhood to his death. I'm about fifty pages in and it's very interesting...

The book keeps silent about the real perpetrators of the assassination who pulled the strings on which Gavrilo Princip was dangling.

I gathered from reading "The Trigger" that, in the end, Gavrilo Princip was essentially a lone wolf. The real "perpetrators," as well as the assassination team itself, were a mixed group with mixed loyalties and goals all of which stood in some way to gain by crippling Austria-Hungary/and the Hapsburg empire. Princip was striking-out against Austrian imperialism, and fighting for the establishment of a political entity that eventually became Yugoslavia. (his goal was achieved and ultimately failed...). The others in his group had varying goals. I don't think that Princip was dangling on any particular group's strings, though they may have thought he was, and history has tended to portray it in that manner. IMHO Interesting book on a topic that needs continued study...

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I need to publically eat some crow - and I do it gladly...

At the urging of Magick Man, I reluctantly obtained George R.R. Martin's Game of Thrones. I normally avoid Fantasy books like the Black Plague (pun intended), but I have to say this was a GREAT story. There are excellent characters, lots of intrigue and no stupid elvish singing. I listened to the audiobook version read by Roy Dotrice, who's voices was perfect for this story.

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Fr. Rolfe (aka Baron Corvo) - Hadrian the Seventh. Exquisitely and colourfully written, but also a poorly-disguised fantasy of how the author wanted his own life to turn out. Just gone past half way, and enjoying enough it so far as to consider hunting down more of his books.

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