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Just finished a couple of excellent biographies.

'Just the one' by Graham Lord, about the legendarily dissipated writer Jeffrey Bernard.


'The Quest for Corvo' by A.J.A.Symons, about the writer, artist, tramp, litigant, pederast, sponger and generally peculiar character Frederick Rolfe, aka Baron Corvo.


Now getting stuck into the Ingoldsby Legends, which is great fun!

You can read The Ingoldsby Legends free here - http://www.exclassics.com/ingold/ingintro.htm - the PDF version contains the original illustrations.


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hello readers of head-fi!


I hardly ever read, but I would love to read more. The big problem is that I have no idea what to read or even what I might enjoy reading. So I need to try some stuff out to see what tickles my fancy. 


I remember having to do a lot of book reports in high school and it was an absolute drag. And more recently I tried to start reading, bought the Lord of the Rings trilogy, managed to finish the first book 2,5 times, and got halfway through the second book twice. But then I just seem to loose all interest. The only (non university) book I managed to finish in the last 5 years is the Steve Jobs biography by Isaacson, which was pretty interesting.


Do you wise owls have any advice on what I might want to look into? Then I will do some research on the suggestions and decide on a book to read.

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After about two years of not reading much, I've finally started again. I used to go into bed at about 8 or 9 and read until 1-3 in the morning, I was pretty crazy. I've had way too much homework and a little brother now sleeps in the room with me, so a light on past 9 or 10 isn't feasible. I regret not reading over the past couple years, and I'm glad I've started again. I'm reading Rally Cry, the first book in The Lost Regiment series by William R. Forstchen. I finished the eight-book series a few years back and it's my favorite series to this day. I've never reread a book, I can't stand it, but it's been long enough that I forget most of the details and main plot. I've only just started, but it's very good, just as I remembered, and I recommend it highly for anyone who likes science fiction and history. 

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Originally Posted by Quinto View Post

Let me know if its good. I really enjoy Feynman's own books.


There's also a good chunk of the man himself on YouTube, , like the 95-minute Horizon special, or The Pleasure of finding things out.

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Just finished Sparks by David Quantick; a fairly amusing 'alternate worlds' sci-fi comedy. This gave me a short break from The Ingoldsby Legends, which is enjoyable, but long.

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