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One of my favorite books on religion: Leo Tolstoy A Confession ( to read for free A Confession wikisource)

Given the era and place Tolstoy lived, I'd be surprised to see any except a nihilistic view.
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Interestingly that the best Russian prose writers of the 19th century - Gogol, Tolstoy and Dostoevsky - were mystics of a higher caliber. The most powerful in his mysticism was in my opinion Leo Tolstoy, the second after him I put Gogol and the third Dostoevsky.


In the 20th century their tradition was continued in Russia by a cinematographer Andrei Tarkovsky. 


My favorite books on spirituality and mysticism:


- Leo Tolstoy's religious and literary writings, particularly his diaries, his "Confession" and his tract "About Life"


- Yoga Sutras of Patanjali


- Arthur Schopenhauer "The World as Will and Representation"


Tolstoy, Patanjali and Schopenhauer move in the same direction. Their ideas and concepts are very close to each other. At the same time one of them is better in some aspects than the other. Tolstoy is extremely powerful in explaining his personal spiritual experience, his consciousness is very sharp. He is the one who can convert your into spirituality. Patanjali introduces to the art of meditation in addition to the general spiritual knowledge. Schopenhauer is very good in laying theoretical and philosophical base for a mystic's worldview.


All three are not for masses because true mysticism is NOT for masses. It is one of my strongest opinions.

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Thanks for the responses re my question why we re-read books! I asked the question as I was listening to public radio and they were about to discuss the question but I had to go.


I suppose there are some compelling reasons for re-read books... but first I have boxes of unread books lying around that I'd prefer to get through first!

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Also, re-reading a book puts me into the frame of mind I was in when I first read it, especially if it's the exact same book (I annotate a lot of passages). It's almost like travelling back in time.
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Finished Jonathan strange and Mr Norrel - it was a tough read, very uneventful. A bit of a let down really. 

I also finished these 2 --- both of the Junger books were amazing!! I highly recommend. 



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The new Stephen King "Doctor Sleep", little Danny Torrance all grown up... :veryevil:

I listen to the Audible version...

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brotherhood of the screaming abyss -Denis Mckenna's fascinating autobiography of his life and biography of his famous sibling Terrance Mckenna's life. Very very interesting...
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Good read......meant a lot to me as a good friends daughter did the PCT last year. All of it.

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This is good. Cold, Bleak, Dangerous!! Me Like !!!

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Originally Posted by wrathzombie View Post


This is good. Cold, Bleak, Dangerous!! Me Like !!!

I read it when it got shortlisted for the booker - hated it. did nothig for me

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Working through Sclzi's Human Division. I needed a good space opera after abandoning Murakami's Wind Up Bird Chronicle for the third time.


I have read a lot of Murakami, and got to the point where I figure he is just writing the same book over and over again. The characters are all carbon copies of each other and I think Wind Up Bird was the last straw for me.

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I too abandoned the Wind up Bird.
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Reading ''Enlightenment for lazy people''. I just find that title so amusing.

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Originally Posted by magiccabbage View Post





That book reminded me of another title that I like to recommend to you: Shadow Divers

One of those that you can't stop reading and look forward to the next day. Loved everything about it.

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