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earmax pro?

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What a beauty, somebody convince me not to get this thing! I know it's not the most versitile amp. . . . but. ..but. ..I gotta have it! Seriously, I have read it doesn't match well with the ety 4s's, but has anyone tried it with the 4p's?
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buy it.
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Well, you've already got a nice lookin' (and nice sounding I'm sure) system, so I say you get the earmax pro, and get some hd600's while you're at it. It'll be a completely different sound from the rs-1's, and then if the ety's don't match up well, you'll still have a great use for it
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Where can you buy Earmax pro in USA? An internet search turns up mostly British dealers. I agree this is one sharp umit.
post #5 of 23 is the official distributer in North America.
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WEll, gulp...I did it! Went through Audio Advancements--the guy there,Hart, seems cool--I expect a good transaction. Flumpus I completely agree with your reasoning--in fact its the exact argument I gave my girlfriend as she rolled her eyes in dismay After her little act she curtly said "get it" and walked off. So now it looks like i am going to have to pay Jan Meier a visit! YEee hawwww
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I bought the EarMax Pro about a year ago and i have never looked back. It's sound signiture is pure tube nirvana. Warm and musical, the Pro out performs my other headphone amps in spades.

I don't think you could make a better choice!!

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Did you do any tube changes, what are your findings. Also what
are the approx dimensions?

How long did it take to get your unit once you placed order?
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I have not rolled the tubes on my Pro, I like the way it sounds stock. I will wait for these tubes to be replaced and then go with the Sylvania Golds that Markl likes so much.

Dimensions (W x D x H) :

3.75" x 3.50" x 4.00"

Looks like a little jewel box and has that mellow glow of tubes in the dark.

Took about 2-3 weeks to recieve the amp once I placed my order.


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Thanks for the info. One last question, what does the power supply look like? I assume there is a remote power supply unit
because of the small size.

Do you feel the Earmax is noticeably superior to the cheaper
Antique Audio MG Head or Musical Fidelity X-Can II?
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You mean that?

The Earmax is a completely different animal than the lower cost amps. There are no response spikes or dips and the sound is balanced and weighted across the board.
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El Sweeto!

Thanks that is just what I was looking for.......Is that your unit? Do you also use stock tubes or have you rolled?
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Mine was black. I tried some NOS Russian Military 6922's in place of the stocks and they provided a nice increase in resolution while not being any brighter. The 12AT7 made the biggest difference by far. I can attest to the awesome bass of the Sylvania Gold Brand tubes. Get some and strap on your seatbelt.
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Sum B, just out of curiosity, how much Approx. are the tubes you mentioned? I'll likely stick with the stock tubes at least for a little while, i am sorta blowing my budget with this not to mention hd600's are higher on my to do list than rolling over the tubes.
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i had a X-Cansv2 prior to the EMP. yes. significant improvement. the x-canv2 was nice, but very dry and lack in dynamic when compared to the EMP. when i got the EMP, it just sounded like music,

the XCv2 was a big improvement than no amp. but the EMP is another big step. EMP excels in all categories when compared to the XCv2

i probably have the same tubes as SumB. Sylvania Gold + russian 6922 from upscale audio. the upgrade was around $100. i'd say run in the old tubes first before you roll.
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