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You should not worry about what others think: including reviewers. As a fellow HD600 owner I believe them to be the best cans available for sane money. But that is like saying B&W makes the best 2k speaker. Best is relative.

Every Grado under the RS1 has that bright push in the top end and punchy thump in the bottom end. As a result the midrange is kind of stretched at both ends dramatically thinning out the midrange. I believe Grado has done this deliberately because they know what they are up against. If I were Grado and I knew that a shopper was listening to several headphones...I'd want mine to stand out amonst the pack. The best way to stand out is to A) BE LOUDER which Grado is and B) have punchy bass and a bright top end....I can call it ACCURACY...when in fact it's just bright. When you spend that 5 minutes in the store...The Grado has a real strong chance at making a sale...but I suspect after several hours(if not minutes) of listening they would be quite fatiguing.

Oddly, as soon as I Grado they reminded me of Paradigm loudspeakers...both seem to do the same thing to attract buyers...now if they would make a good product.

That's right they do, Paradigm's 100 and Grado's RS1. Both are fine products...but IMO cost too much.

There is no way on earth that the RS1 is twice the headphone of the HD600. Both of which were in my budget. Indeed, you'll have a tough time convincing me that the RS1 is as good as the HD600. Both had their advantages during my listening - and when it came down to the music that I most listen to - the HD 600s had the slight edge...and an obvious price edge. Then I got a bit peeved that Grado wanted so much for something not hands down better if it all. Sheer Greed.
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I am redeemed!

Thanks for the support. Markl was right, honesty will help people (potential buyers) and piddling around won't -- of course, a lack of decorum helps no one and diminishes your credibility. And sorry Redwood and Longwood for the slight mix-up in the case of "will the real Grado fan please stand up." (TWO "woodies" at one headphone site?, no wonder).
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Ok, now I can say it.

I'm the illegitimate son of redshifter and joelongwood...
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LMAO, redwood!!!

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The SR80 can sound kind of harsh if pushed. That's why I liked the SR60 better. For something in the Grado line that is close to the Senn 600 then I would go for the SR325. These 2 phones sound very similar to me. After all was said and done I thought the 325 was a better overall phone. My .02.
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Redwoood said...

I'm the illegitimate son of redshifter and joelongwood...
The illegitimate son of two guys?!? I can't wait to hear the explanation behind this one...
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dhwilkin - you actually WANT to hear about that?

man......just turn on the tube and catch some Springer....you'll never come back to head-fi for perverted crap....
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No I don't wanna hear about that, thus the on my message! The scientific community might be curious, though...

Besides, I never watch Jerry Springer, too depressing...
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