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Real audio shop in Quebec City

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Anyone know about any real audio shop in Quebec city? I made a lot of research myself on that one and came to the conclusion Head-Fi is my last hope for any information on the existence of a shop that carries good, expensive audio stuff in the Quebec area. Nothing in the Yellow Pages, yeah, truly nothing at all! Nada! Some shops carry some Senns, many does carry some cheap Sonys, one of them carry few cheap ATs, but none of them seem to matter about real high-end gear! I have yet to witness an audio shop managed by true audiophiles, or connaisseurs. I once talked to a salesman who owned a pair of HD280 Silver, but he didn't know about anything else!

I'd rather actually hear the gear before I buy it, and not buying something on the Internet, then decide to return it, whether I like the product or not!

Help me please!
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I thought you broke the curse?
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Open one !!
Seriously though...if there are no hi-fi places in Quebec City, have you ever considered being the first one? It's worth a shot, assuming you don't have too much to lose
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I just want to know if an actual real audio shop exists in my area. I don't want to buy other audio gear from "Future Shop" or "La Source" (The Source By Circuit ******...). Let's say I want to get a real MP3 player (not an ipod, looks so cheap), a receiver, a real CD tower, an extension cord, or anything audio related, headphones or else. I am more than happy with my headphones, and I'd like to audition some more if that's a possibility. I am still into the audio thing. I tasted it, I use rather "expensive" audio gear, so I know I can't get out.

Same thing goes wth computer related stuff. I have "my" computer shop, with "my" computer guy. If my CRT monitor stop working tomorrow, I know where to go! I need an extra cable, I go visit him. Any problem with my computer, he will fix it, and he will find the perfect solution to my problem. That shop sells computer related stuff for way less than big established names such as Best Buy! He will actually try to help me do the right choice. Always have been like that. The guy often gladly fixed my computer for free! I don't feel the need to upgrade my computer just because I use it everyday. I can trust someone like him...

Same thing for cars...

I don't see that kind of audio store anywhere! And I don't want to buy interconnects from that guy!

I'd be happy to know such a store existed.

Please help me!
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audiolight I think it is Grado seller (Auth) .

up from the big pc store few roads . they sell some wild stuff there,

you catch the tv spot on the french channels.

they sell horn speakers that are more then  my pay check but look so freaking cool and i've heard sound great,

low power clear  sound.

i' plan on going .

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is the link to their page.


here's the google search link:


it shows the address etc.

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audiolight has the whole grado line on display and the top end sennheiser plus some stax


check out cora too http://www.corahifi.com/default.html

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Hey ; your in Quebec as well?
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I know the feel, I've been looking all around montreal for decent audio stores, couldn't find one.

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