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Audio-Technica ATH-AD10

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Well, he was serious. Wallijonn stopped over last night and we had the first ad hoc Phoenix headphone meet. He left my his new cans for me to audition for a week, but at a price: I have to write up a review of them. Why would he do such a thing? Basically he is just a helluva nice person, and enjoys sharing music and sources. We had a blast comparing phones, but he now needs K1000s. I warned him before he listened to them, honest, but he took a chance, and got hooked! Next time I will add the sub

On to the open ATs. I will honor the request and post a review next weekend. For now all that I will say is that I like them, and they are great for vocals! I also did some response plots, which are attached. Caveats for this data: I did this with an uncalibrated mic and soundcard, so they are only valid for comparison to one another. I also made no effort to match signal levels since I wanted the traces separated. I did use a dummy head (mine). I used pink noise, since my f-sweep does not seem to be working correctly.

The wobble on the high end is due to cavity interactions for the most part. More experimenting required. LF rolloff was a surprise. None of these cans are going down to bedrock. My mic is actually optimized for LF, so I am not sure what to make of this development. Considering that the K1000 trace is exactly where I expected it to be, I tend to believe the results. Oh, the 2k peak in the K1000 response is real. I have always heard it there, but haven't figured out what is causing it. I will track it down eventually. The "barney" trace is the HD600s again, with the 25' purple Canare star quad cable.

Obviously the f response is only a part of the story. It does give some awfully good hints for tweaking, que no?

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hmmm...lets see how this works

Dark blue is the AT, light blue is the K1000, and yellow is the HD600 (with purple cable). Traces were normalized to their 100hz amplitudes.

Curiously, when I tested the K1000 off my head, I got a response trace right out of their owners manual. The 2k peak jumps up even higher if I get my hand near the outside of earspeaker.

Measuring the drivers of the other cans sans head yields nothing like linear response. Not really relevant, but interesting to me.

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purple cable?
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Originally posted by Neruda
purple cable?
Check out this thread, Neruda:


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I'm verry happy someone is reviewing the AD10s. I'm looking for open phones. So far I'm thinking HD590, but I'm open to anything else people think I'll like. I've tried the 590, albiet on a crappy source, but it was pretty nice none the less. If I got the 590s and something like the equinox cable down the line, they would be as much as the AD10 and pretty much into A1000 territory as well. People seem to start drooling at the very mention of many of the AT phones, so I wonder if I should be looking at them harder. I listen to lots of music, so I need to have good all around phones, which so far, the 590s seem to be. I listen to a lot of electronic, but also a lot of other stuff and would like to find more good instrumental and classical. In genneral, I like music with lots of energy, regaurdles of genre. Let me know if you think the AD10s will fit the bill for this better than thr 590s. Thanks to both you guys for exchanging and reviewing.
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Hey there,

Whereabouts are you in Phoenix? I live in Peoria, right down the street from Arrowhead Mall, heh. I'm getting more and more into the audiophile scene as I throw more and more money towards cans. It's actually not that bad since all of my friends get to hear each new generation of headphones and I can usually end up selling the old ones to 'em.

Well, I'm a 19 year old GCC student / USPS employee (*gasp*). If you guys ever want to listen to some ATH-A9X's or ATH-W100's, let me know, heh.
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Thanks, guys! I'm looking forward to the full review. What would my shelf be without a third AT? An open pair, full-size, and a few bucks less than the W1000!

I do love the way the AD10 looks...
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