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Sennheiser HD 580, discontinued\or not??

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Well someone told me in a response to my earlier post that
the Sennheiser HD 580 is not discountinued.....I`ve heard
and read some places that they are....and when I sent a mail
to linkonline.co.uk where I bought the LAST pair I also
asked when they were getting a new shipment...he told me
1 month, but then I recived an e -mail telling me that the
580 had been discountinued and that they wouldn`t be getting
them anymore.
I`ve also seen that the 580 has been removed from some
sennheiser sites.

Hm...anyone know for sure if they are discountinued or not ?
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I'm not certain, but it seems to me like they are being discontinued. I've noticed them disappearing from dealer's ads lately as well.
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What's the cheapest place to get these in North America? Because I know that they have 580's for just over $80 US at Richer Sounds , but that's in the UK and they don't ship outside of the UK.
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I'd really like to know a cheap place in the U.S. to get them as well. I'm just starting to get into this whole headphone craze and after much research I decided the 580 is what I want. I see plenty of cheap prices from Europe, so it seems that maybe the U.S. prices are artifically inflated?? The best I've seen so far is getting them from a uBid auction but I'm not having much luck. In the past week just about ever 580 i've bid on has had some seeminly greedy fool who outbids me and many others by ordering the entire lot of 12-15 units (This is beginning to tick me off.. I'm wondering if it's UBid playing foul and trying to get people to bid higher, I sure hope not!). I really want those Senns bad, but knowing I can get them for new for 125 or cheaper (especially if Richer Sounds sent to the U.S. - $80 is a steal!!) makes me really hesitant to buy the phones for anything more than $135. Being a college student on a limited budget doesn't help either
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Mike Walker

Apparently Sennheiser's original intention was to discontinue the HD-580, but they changed their mind. IT IS NOT discontinued. Check their website, it's listed as a current model!
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like mike walker stated, sennheiser planned on discontinuing the 580, which is why there is a lot of information stating that they are discontinued. they sold the 580 at a discounted price packaged with the dps pro. it seems that they changed their minds, and the 580 will remain in production, but will continue to be sold at a lower retail price without the dsp pro.
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