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Best sub100$ amp Xenos 0HA-REP? (with option of opamp rolling?) - Page 10

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Ok I'll do it, most briefly...

Preamplifier op-amps

AD8620: very good, both resolving & musical, if a little bit thin in the lower midrange.

AD8066: a bit more extended in the lowest bass & highest treble, not quite rich sounding, a bit more resolving in the upper midrange, smooth enough in the treble.

AD746: ? for now.

Output driver op-amps

LT1363: a bit bright, quick bass, ever-so-slightly 'edgy' mids. Musical, not cold sounding.

THS4051: feels more "comfortable" than the one above, and more neutral in tonality; deeper lower bass, a somewhat darker and fuller midrange. Higher output power on low impedance loads.

LMH6654: highest output power on the lower impedances, and otherwise equivalent to the above. The more dynamic of the three; overall, my favorite.

Note - all chips were only tested with 12V DC. The more applicable for battery use are the AD8620, and secondly the AD8066 (higher power consumption) in the preamp department - though the AD746 might be fine, too; and the LMH6654 and LT1363 in the buffer department.

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The AD746 sounds wonderful, very detailed, very natural & naturally colorful. Probably my favorite op-amp ever heard till now.
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Funnily, every time that I switched chips in both the Xenos and the Go-Vibe, the basic differences between the two amps have remained exactly the same (and quite apparent). It must be the inherent sound signatures of the two designs, which are indeed very differently conceived.

Before connecting the Xenos with the AD746 in my main system (HD650), I listened to the same record (Calexico, Feast Of Wire) with the Go-Vibe. Whereas the Go-Vibe strikes you with its airiness and (what I assume is called) layering, the Xenos strikes you with the natural, intense/emotional timbre and the 'dense' soundscape. Interesting.
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AD746 + LMH6654 is fantastic.

Everyone should hear it, to get a taste of what "good sound" is about.
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Listened to Calexico, Feast Of Wire. WOW-WOW-WOW. Triple eargasm.

& What a wonderful record.

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P.S. The upgraded Go-Vibe v5 goes straight to the bedside rig.
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Xenos seems to be a good companion for Sennheiser HD580 for lifting its veil with the warm sound signature. Its treble and bass is very impressive with its upfront sweet mids!
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Thanks for reviving this thread ...I also had an update for it.

The AD746 went out, a new AD8620(BR) in - I wanted to hear it with the LMH6654 output drivers.

Well, this (AD8620) is my favorite preamplifier op-amp for the 0HA-REP. With the LMH6654, that's dynamic, sweet in the mids, with visceral bass and overall very clear, it pairs wonderfully.

I hear more of the 'dark background' than I did with the (still very good, and similar overall) AD746. The bass is a bit snappier; transient sounds stand out a little more; and there's a little more 'air'.

one more
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This is the best I've heard in the Xenos 0HA-REP. "wow, this is it!", I thought while listening to familiar records by John Mellencamp & Tom Waits
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