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Beautiful! Me wants redface.gif

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Thanks for the update!  Don't look now but there is a 2a3 on the FS forums ><

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Originally Posted by Mr.Sneis View Post

Thanks for the update!  Don't look now but there is a 2a3 on the FS forums ><


Hehe...I saw that. Way beyond my budget - even the ZDSE was, as such yours :D. And so far I've been following MF's guidance of the ZD pairing nicely to the TH-900. May need to do some research to see if anyone tried the 2a3 with that headphone.

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Beyond mine too!  FWIW I am pretty sure they sound nothing alike.

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It turns out changing voltage from 120V to 100V isn't so easy. I've asked Craig and initially he provided a procedure indicating which cables to mod but the color coding of the cables he mentioned doesn't match what I see. Since then, he's mentioned that the transformers he use are 120V only. However if I see the scribbles on the side of the transformer (it's a Keen Ocean Toroidal transformer) it seems to indicate from 100V upwards.


I've put up a thread on the DIY asking anyone for experience in this. If anyone knows about Toroidal transformers and dropping voltage from 120V to 100V, your assistance will be greatly appreciated. Note I'm trying to avoid stepdown converters as much as possible.



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AS I said on your other thread buy a universal variac you can then set the voltage at any level you want including raising the mains voltage above its working level .

                                            All without loss of mains current drive. and they arent dear.

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For what it's worth, in the past I've asked a couple of amp makers (Steve Deckert and Jason Stoddard) about step down transformers and their replies both agreed that there should be no detriment by using them. In fact, they both suggested it would be beneficial to eliminating any possible ground loop noise.
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I agree.  I use step down transformers here in the UK for a lot of gear.  A decent transformer is only providing additional isolation from noise on the mains.

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Has anyone here used their ZDSE to drive IEM's? I think I've read somewhere that ZDSE is good at driving low-impedance high-sensitivity IEM's too, but I can't quite remember. I'm asking this because I've recently ordered a pair of JH13 Pro (which is my first custom IEM), and I wonder whether the ZDSE would be a good match for it.

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What are the best tubes for hd800? and how are the stock tubes w/ the hd800?

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The stock tubes are not great. Just change the driver tube. There is a thread on tubes for the Zana Deux somewhere as I recall. I use Brimar, Volvo, and Mullard tubes. Don't have info with me now though but they are all NOS of course.
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Here's the thread that discusses tubes for the Zana Deux. I agree with Dallan that the Brimar, Valvo and Mullard are the nicest 6SL7s.


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HI everyone~


I have a question that I don't know if I can ask here. That is: is there a solid headphone amp's performance close to the ZANA DEUX?

Yes, I have a ZD SE, and I am very enjoy with it. But it's summer time right now, and it's a little hard to turn on such a hot amp.

So, I want to find a solid amp, that might be cooler and also provide great performance like(or close to) the ZD SE.

I don't need turn on the air conditioning just want to listen to the music.Any suggestion?


BTW, my headphones are HD800 and T1.

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I just picked up my first SS amp, the GSX v2.  I didn't think I'd ever sell the Zana and still love the Zana but it doesn't make sense to me to keep both and I'm surprised it may be the Zana that goes.

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I have a Violectric v200 that I use as ss amp when I don't want to fire up the Zana Deux but it is a step down. If I wanted a comparible I would go for the Luxman P1 or P1u. Those would be a side step instead of a step down, the sound is very nice out of those.
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