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Don't think mine hums.
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No hum here.
You might consider emailing Craig.
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My Zana Deux SE's p/s does not hum. Although when I tilt the p/s back and forth I can feel the transformer shift a little bit. I don't own a screwdriver big enough to secure the bottom screw so I haven't done anything about that.

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Absolutely no hum. Not even with iem. Super black.
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Sad to say I am letting my Zana Deux go. I wanted you guys to have first shot. If anyone interested see my signature. 


Thanks guys

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Originally Posted by SoundFreaq View Post

Sad to say I am letting my Zana Deux go. I wanted you guys to have first shot. If anyone interested see my signature. 


Thanks guys

You're crazy. Can you describe the TH900 differences with your Zana vs. LF?



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Well I very we'll may be crazy. I anticipate I'll regret to a certain extent.

The ZD is an amazing match for the TH900. Compared to the LF it has a wider soundstage and has a bit more sparkle on the top end. Bit that could be the Genelax Gold Lion tubes in the LF that are super smooth.

I think the LF has a touch more depth and density to the music in exchange for soundstage and sparkle. It's all about preference. The B22, ZD, and LF all play at the same level with different flavors.

On phone now. Can elaborate later.
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Excuse typos as well wink.gif
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What driver tube do you use with the Zana/TH900?



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I apologize for the slow response.
I just used the stock Russian 6D22S and 6C33C-B Tubes and the new stock issue Tung-Sol 6SL7, to do the comparison. 
I also tried out the Russian 6C33C-B Power Triodes, and the NOS Sylvania 6D22S rectifier tubes. Of course I had to try the NOS Philips 6SL7GT, and the Brimar 6SL7GT.
The different tubes all sounded great, but another factor that was important for me was the smaller footprint of the LF in the small space I have. It was truly a very tough call. Not one amp is better that the other. It's just different. I wish so much I could keep the ZD. What a beauty. 
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If I didn't have an unplanned $2K repair for the boiler I would have your ZD now!....Whoever gets it is a lucky HF'er!

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Yep, good deal for someone needing an amp, someone'll pick it up when they see it.

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I'd sure like to see it go to a good home. Sorry to see it go. 

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Hello everyone, I'm new to this thread. I've ordered a Zana Deux SE (with Penny & Giles volume control upgrade) and it will be arriving soon. I like tube rolling, but I want to buy the best possible tubes money can buy for my ZDSE and be settled on them. Craig told me that the driver 6SL7 tube has the greatest effect on sound. Of course, I'm willing to roll 6C33C-B and 6D22S tubes too.


Here are my questions:


1. What are the stock 6SL7, 6C33C-B, and 6D22S tubes that come with the ZDSE?


2. What is the BEST 6SL7 tube currently available, cost-no-object?

The most expensive ones I've found on the Internet are these platinum low noise Mullard ECC35 from Tubeworld.com, selling $300 apiece.

Could you say that these are easily the overall best tubes I can get, or are there even better options you know of?

If these Mullard ECC35 are indeed the best, which one should I buy: short brown/tall brown/short black/tall black base?


3. What is the BEST 6C33C-B tube currently available, cost-no-object?


4. What is the BEST 6D22S tube currently available, cost-no-object?


Any input would be appreciated.

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Here is the thread that discusses this:


For a neutral clean presentation, generally the Valvo and Brimar 6SL7Gt are the most popular.

Changing the other tubes, 6C33C and rectifiers, doesn't have nearly as much effect on the sound.

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