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1st time I have heard of AGD. I have also never heard of the Tenor DAC chip. Just when you think you have seen all the toys ANOTHER door opens to the toy store...rolleyes.gif

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AGD=Audio gd around here. That's why I bought the Zana-so I can stop opening other amp doors. tongue_smile.gif



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Originally Posted by SleepyOne View Post


What is the reason for the white smoke? You experience may help us in preventing tube breakage in the future. Many thanks!

We never figured it out.  I think it was hot glue.  I broke the tube because I smashed an Ikea cabinet into it.  Don't do that.

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Thanks for letting us know.

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I am auditioning a headamp capable to drive most cans.

Not long I noticed that ZD seemed to be the one from the discussion.

However the new 2A3 came out and Craig consider that a "better" amp.

I am wondering if anybody heard both ZD and 2A3, and what is the major difference between them.

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Has anyone here compared the zana to headamp's gsx?
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Any reports on T1/Zana synergy? I'm surprised that my research has not led to a single report on their synergy. Only speculation on how nicely they ought to sound together. Not being prepared to add another amp until my Stax setup is complete, I'd not want to purchase a T1 blind. 

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I have only heard the T1 once and it was brand new and had a blown out right speaker.  The distortion kinda came and went with some bassier notes.  I heard it on the Zana and it was good as expected but i didn't thing much of the T1 compared to the HD800.  If i had never heard an 800 or at least right before it, i would have thought they were pretty good just kind of flat and plain sounding to me in comparison.  

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Flat sounding or flat dimensionally? It's amazing the degree of variance reported with the T1's. I've heard bright, warm, edgy, smooth, exciting, boring. All the more reason to try a pair I guess. After much time and tinkering I realize that a flat soundstage or lack of air is a big deal for me. It's a big enough issue for me to prefer the HE6 to my LCD's, AD2000 to RS1i, both to a considerable degree. I hope the Zana, which has great depth and imagery, can provide the T1's with dimensionality. Hopefully someone can chime in with a few reports. The RS1i seems to need replacing, and apart from the T1's, I can't think of anything else to go with.
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Do you find improvement with a different cable for the HD800?
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Let's see.  The T1 sounded much better and with more depth and imagery with the Zana then with my v200.  The Zana Deux will open them up for sure in those regards and general soundstage.  


As far as cable, i tried to put the stock cable on last week yet again because my cable is extremely thick.  I lasted about 6 minutes.  The stock cable is to hard for me to take, just thin sounding and edgy for me.  These cables work great, i have also heard the Zeus cable which sounded good as well, i don't know if as good as these but taken into account the weight and bulkiness of these it may be a good trade off.



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I think I'll spring for an HD800 cable, thanks, and for the T1 recollection too. 

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Can anyone talk about any sonic difference between the ZDSE that is in production now, and the Zana Deux original that preceded it? 


More info: Specifically #70. 

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Welp, I'm the proud new owner of a new-to-me ZD #70. I emailed Craig and he seems to think it's the same as what's shipping now. So that's good enough for me wink.gif

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