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I did the Fitz mod a couple of days ago and the hum is gone. Now I can finally enjoy my TS 5998. Thanks for all of the great advice guys.
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Fitz mod?
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Originally Posted by Oskari View Post
I wonder if that would help the new 332S owners that are experiencing hum?
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one thing I've noticed is that the amp seems louder than a non-modded unit. placebo, perhaps....
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Originally Posted by gordonshowers View Post
I wonder if that would help the new 332S owners that are experiencing hum?
nope, that didn´t work on the 332s.

La figaro revised the 332s, and the newer version has no hum at all. it took some time, but they fixed the hum issues.
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My 336i does not hum at all but did with certain tubes. Stay clear of the cheap chinese tubes.

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Mine hums with almost all Russian tubes, with my 6F8G and with an RCA 6SN7GTB.  Definitely want to do the Fitz mod.  Just ordered a pair of Nichocon 35v/100uF "Fine Gold" capacitors off eBay.


(The 336SE is currently tubed with a 1960's Svetlana 6H13C and a Philco-branded Sylvania 6SN7GTB w/orange lettering.  This combination is dead quiet and sounds wonderful: clean, detailed, balanced and dimensional.)

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hi, gang,


it's been a while since i was here. :P glad to see this thread is still going, going, and going...


right now my 336i has RCA JAN-CRC-6AS7-G and GE 6SN7 GTA. earlier it had 6H13C and Sylvania 6SN7 GT. really enjoyed 6H13C so when a chance presented itself i bought like 20 of them for about $2.5 apiece. :)


recently i 'accidentally' (if there was ever such a thing) bought a WA3+ from a fellow head-fier. having them side-by-side sure calls for a comparison: they both use 6AS7 (although a 5998 came as part of the WA3+ package) but WA3+ uses two 6922/6DJ8 at the front. i am still alternating among the growing number of amps. it is 'true' that 5998 shows more details and the sound is more clear/clean, but this is really not a better/worse comparision. it depends on your headphone of choice and the music you listen to.


no, i am not selling my 336i. :) meanwhile don't have funding for more tubes. :P instead of last year's one-set-up-a-week rotation i am adapting a longer listening period before rolling.


happy listening and tube rolling!

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i just bought my darkvoice 336se amp and i'm all ready looking to get some nos tubes, i don't really know where to start and looking at this 97 page forum makes my head spin lol. could somebody please recommend me some tubes. I'm not looking to break the bank but i could spend up to $50 on a tube 

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Cal -


I would look in the "FS" forums here to see what tubes other head-fiers are selling.  That might be easiest.  What you want is one 6AS7G or 5998, and one 6SN7GT, -GTB, -GTA, or -WGT.

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Cal, welcome to the 336 (i/se) tube-rolling thread. the great thing about the 336 is that it uses tubes that are easy to find and they are not expensive. of course if you want some fancy tubes there are out there...


on my 336i right now are two GE tubes: 6SNT GTB, 56-13, 188-5 and 6AS7 GA, 61-04, 188-5. the 6AS7 GA is a bit odd for me. this is the only 6AS7 in my collection that has a 6080 tube shape and not the usual 6AS7 bottle shape. any idea?P1510368.JPG


the sound is on the lean side. has a crispy feel. no hiss at all. :)

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ended up spending three weeks with the GE 6AS7 GA. the first impression actually lasted. it's not exactly lean but just rather clean.


starting today: a Raytheon JAN6080WB. still the GE 6SNT GTB on the front.


the sound? the bass is clearly stronger. think this works better with Jazz/Rock/Blues.




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'new' 6SN7 GT from RCA:




there's low humming noise, but just on the 2nd CD. hopefully it will go away...can anyone decoe the "6-17"?

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the humming is all gone... :)

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