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Input needed

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Wondering if anyone has any suggestions of what headphones to check out in the 60-100$USD range that are sealed, or bleed less sound than the open headphones (like the Senn 490/495s)?

Does anyone have any experience with the Denon AHD-750 headphones?

I wanted to get some grado SR-80s, however I have been told that they leak about the same amount of sound as the Senn 495s - I prefer to not give off not much noise - I use headphones mostly at work, and on the train - both of which I am in close proximity to other people.

Just as a side note, are there any Canadians out there with suggestions on where to find Grados in Canada?
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I've heard the Denon 550's and 950's and they are good sounding phones with lots of bass. I'd recommend either the Denon's or Sony V6's. I don't think the V6's are sold in Canada but you can usually get them on the net via a U.S. retailer like J&R ( www.jrmusic.com ) There are other U.S. retailers as well. Use the search function at Head-Fi to locate other possible retailers and more info. I think the V6's can also be found through Yahoo shopping.
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I would reccomend the Sony V6's. Good sealed cans for the price ($75 USD at www.electronicsemall.com)
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V6's seem to be compared often with the Denon 750's and 950's. The Sony V6's have about double the isolation of the Denon's, according to a few owners.
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When you say V6, I assume you mean the Sony MDR-V600?
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I've not heard the Denon 950's. I wouldn't be surprised if they sound great. But what I know is I've loved the way the V6's sound for over 15 years or so. So once my buddy ("jack" here at Head-Fi) gets here (in a few minutes), we're leaving for MARS so I can pick up the "Professional" version (Sony MDR-7506). My brother (he's "neil" here at Head-Fi) broke and lost my first V6's. I bought a replacement pair (the ones I have now), and these 7506's will be my third in my history (I'm buying them so I have another pair to keep at home).

My collection will be complete! That is, until such a time that I decide to get the Stax Omega 2's. I'll have one pair each of the V6/7506's and Sennheiser HD-600's at home and at work.

Sonic life is good right now....
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no no no no no!!!
lots of ppl get the 2 mixed up, but many ppl at this site despise the 600...you want the V6....the v600 is referred to as a total mistake by sony.
Idon't know what makes it so bad, but apparently, the v6 is great, and the v600 was a good idea gone horribly wrong.

(someone help me out here and fill us in with a few more details.)

Sony 7506 = a professional, more expensive version of the Sony V6, many of us believe that there isn't any audible difference

So the Sony V6 or 7506 are both virtually the same headphones, but the V6 would be the one that you would want for listening because it is a lot cheaper and easier to find.

The V600 is looked down on....i don't know why, someone will have to fill us in on that, but it just is.
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I believe I have the honour of being the very first person at Head-Fi to say these words:

No, the Sony V-6 is not the same as the Sony V-600.

I've not personally heard the V-600, but many seem to feel it's much inferior to the V-6.

Damn you sapphiremodena !!

You stole my 15 minutes.

OK. Let me be the first to say that the Sony 7506 is the same as the Sony V-6 except that the V-6 doesn't have a gold plated plug.

Oh. I see you got that one too.

It's not my day.
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hehe, sorry mbriant, but i just barely beat you to it....

but you were the first to mention the plug, which i didn't even know about
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Annul, don't mistake the v6 with v600, that's dangerous!
MDR V6 are older model and basically one of the best value in closed back phones. V600 I believe were introduced by Sony as a replacement for v6 but sound much worse, despite the fact that they cost more. Sony also makes MDR 7506 which according to many are the same as v6 the only difference being 7506 have gold plated plug.
Generally, when it comes to sealed phones that can be powered by portables(you mentioned using them on the train) there are 3 models recommended: Sony V6 (7506) Denon 750 or 950 and Beyer DT250 which are not very popular in America because they cost more over there. All of these sound very good and to my ears are reasonably comfy.
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Another thing about the V6's -- many know they sound very good out of most portables (if the portables sound good to begin with). But I have used them through the OBH-11, the MG Head DT, and now the stunning HeadRoom latest generation Max, and, yes, they do benefit from being nicely amp'd up.
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Do they use a different name when selling the V6's? I cant seem to find them on any sites..
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I went out and bought the MDR-7506's today. MARS was out of them, so I purchased them at another store called The Guitar Center.

$89.99 plus 6% sales tax.

More expensive than V6's, but I had to try the 7506's to see for myself if there are any differences sonically (I haven't plugged them in yet, but I'd be very surprised if, after time, they didn't sound exactly alike).

I'm going to go and put my spare set of Beyer velour pads on them now. Pleather's gotta go.
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If your willing to spend a bit more, buy the Beyer DT250-80. I believe they have a better overall sound and offer up more details, but the 250 may lack the bass impact of the V6. The 250 has better isolation and is more comfortable thanks to velvet ear pads. The 250-80 can be run with a portable, but an amp brings out even more details and tighter bass.

Todd at Headroom recommended these closed phones.

Regards - reynman
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