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How much money have you spent on headphones in total? - Page 14

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let me see if i can remember everything i've bought...

ksc75 - $15

so yeah, i've spent $15 (unless my headset counts, i have a steelsound 5hv2 that i got for $20)

thinking of getting a ur40 and a pair of <$50 earbuds at the beginning of summer though. yeah i know, i'm a high roller.
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$550 total, about to be $900 with this window for the Shure E500s refusing to close on my screen.
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HD650--> 340
micro stack--> 600

So about $940 so far....
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Audio Technica ATH-A700 - ~105
Alessandro MS1 - $85
Panasonic RP-HJE50 - $45 (I know, rip off)

Gilmore Lite - $449 + $20 Head-Fi subscription


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About $3200. A few hundred more if you count some computer sound cards that I use for listening to music.

This is over a period of less than two years. I have three setups - home, office, and portable.

I have one more purchase of $400 in mind, and I think I'll be done at that point (really!)

The way to stop is to switch to obsessing about other toys, and to stop reading head-fi... My other spending addictions include computers and home theater.

I spent a lot more on my speaker setup (SACD player, integrated amp, and speakers), but that was a one-time thing. I haven't upgraded that, and I don't feel the need to upgrade. With headphones it's different. It's a lot easier and less expensive to buy more stuff, but it sure adds up! Also, headphone-related toys don't require much space. I don't have enough space for multiple pairs of monster speakers...

In terms of spending, the order for me at this point is computers, then speaker-based audio, then home theater, then headphone-based audio, so headphones are actually not the worst thing I'm dealing with. Thank goodness I'm not interested in cars!
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Oops - I forgot to mention watches. I used to be into that, and that's a heck of a lot more expensive than the other things I mentioned. Whatever you do, don't start reading Timezone!
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[Edit, many changes since then]

fair amount for fun.
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about 92 USD
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$95 on SR80s.

Magically, through trades and through the generosity of Afrikane I have the setup I have now.
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Plantronic Audio .90 @ 40 X 4 = $160 (They have horrible wiring)
Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro @ 170 = $170
Xenos 3HA @ 125 = $125

Total: $455
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How much?

Too much.

Not enough.
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No way of telling. Way too much, on the other hand It's fun.
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About $4.000 on headphones.
A lot more if I count amplifiers, energizers, DAC, cables, etc...
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around $1450...but i got a lot of that money back after selling stuff i didn't like.
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Audio Technica ATH-A700: $131.95
Ultimate Ears super.fi 5 EB: $131.58
Koss KSC75 + JVC Marshmallows HA-FX33W: $30.78

Total: $294.31

... and this is only my first post (and doesn't include amps/cables)! I hate, and love, to think what the coming years will bring.
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